21 E Winant Ave, Ridgefield Park, NJ is a Residential (4 Families Or Less) Property For Sale for $281/Sqft

At 21 E WINANT AVE, Ridgefield Park, NJ, you can find a Residential (4 Families or Less) property for sale for $281/sqft. Built in 1920, the property is currently owned by DAVLIN, MIKELLE & IAN. The last time this home sold, it sold for $305,000. Depending on the recent sales price, this property is worth $281/sqft. The land is 33X100.

Built in

This single-family home at 21 E Winant Ave. in Ridgefield Park is priced at $305,000. Built in 1920, this home has a total of 1,085 square feet. The property was last sold on Oct. 5, 2018, for $305,000. Based on its recent sales price, the property is currently worth $281 per square foot. The home is situated on a 33×100-foot lot. The neighborhood is popular for its many public parks and green spaces.

This property is situated in a quiet residential neighborhood, but still offers easy access to NYC. It has a South-facing backyard, two spacious bedrooms, a bonus loft space, and a walk-up to the third level. The high ceilings and finished basement provide extra living space. The home has a garage and is surrounded by mature trees. Those seeking a low-maintenance property may want to consider this property.

Located near parks

If you are looking for a new home in the Ridgefield Park area, you’ve come to the right place. This single-family home at 21 E Winant Ave has three bedrooms and a total of 1,152 square feet. Built in 1935, this property is situated near parks in the Ridgefield Park neighborhood. The property is within the Ridgefield Park Jr Sr High School attendance zone, making it an ideal location for a growing family.

This 3 bedroom 1.5 bath colonial is located close to local schools and public transportation, and is pet-friendly. Features include a walk-up attic and a finished basement for extra storage. Updated plumbing and electrical systems are included, as are new wall AC units. The property also includes a private garage, on-site laundry, and a convenient location near shops. There is no move-in fee for this property.

Near shopping

If you’re on a business trip to Ridgefield Park, stay at the Hyatt at 21 E Winant Ave. This Ridgefield Park hotel offers free Wi-Fi, a full breakfast, and an updated fitness center. Hyatt started in 1981, and they’ve continued to grow and expand. This hotel is located just off of US-46, near shopping. The Hyatt Ridgefield Park offers business-friendly rates and is within walking distance to the town center.

This condo features gleaming oak wood floors throughout the property. A newly renovated kitchen includes quartz countertops and an open concept living room. Updated plumbing and electrical fixtures keep the home comfortable and energy efficient. There’s a private garage, and on-site laundry. The unit also offers a walk-up to the third level, which can be finished for additional living space. Near transportation, schools, and major highways make this Ridgefield Park property easy to commute to.

Last sold in 9/19/2018

The property at 21 E Winant Ridgefield Park was last for sale on 9/19/2018. The listing agent of the current owner of the property will have the most updated information on the property’s status. This information can be sourced from the New Jersey Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which also operates the Virtual Office Website program. In some instances, the listing agent of 21 E Winant Ridgefield Park may not be the same as the seller, and the property may have been listed with a real estate brokerage other than Estately.

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