Yokosou Sukebe Ef No Mori E

The story follows Yuuichi, a night shift worker who is swept off to a magical land called Alfhelm by an elf. The world is filled with elves – both light and dark – and Yuichi is left to survive. Read on to learn about Yuichi, his harem of beautiful elven women, and his quest to survive.


A nightshift worker named Yuichi is abducted by an elf who promises to take care of him. He’s whisked away to Alfheim, a magical world where elves are at war with dark elves. In his quest to save his people, Yuichi is challenged by his elven sex appeal and the trials and tribulations of his new life.

In the city of Alfhiem, Yuichi and his friends are escorted by the village elder Elfina, a mischievous and aristocratic elf. The two meet during Yuichi’s journey, when she brings him documents of big elves that can be used to stop evil. Yuichi is drawn to Elfina because of her strange and mysterious past.

Elda the Warmaiden

In Elda the Warmaiden: Yokosou Sukebe Ef No Morie, the dark elves of the “Underdark” are eager to take the savior Yuichi as their mate. Elda is captured by Nol but is saved by her ally Delva. Delva is also determined to have Yuichi as her mate, and applies for a mating showdown.

The anime is a continuation of the game, but it’s not a direct sequel. Since it only has two episodes, the anime had to kill off a few characters to make it fit. Some of the characters were resurrected from the original OVA adaptation. Other than that, the anime will most likely feature a new cast and a different setting.

Misery the Dark Magician

In this visual novel, Misery the Dark Magician is the matriarch of the dark elves and the advisor of the protagonist, Delva. Though a virgin, Misery falls in love with Yuichi after seeing him. She wears a sling bikini, but it’s not very revealing since she’s covered in purple tips. This makes her one of the few female characters in the series with cleavage that covers her right eye.

Although dark elves are more fanservice than high elves, they have the advantage of being inhumanly beautiful. In addition to this, dark elves are more aggressive and warlike than high elves, and they wear more revealing clothes than high elves. The Terrible Trio is the result of their lust and jealousy for Yuichi.

Yuichi’s harem of beautiful elven women

A number of elves in Yuichi’s elf no Mori e want Yuichi’s seed, but what if he is not the intended recipient? The young ladies who line up for the seed are all beautiful and well-behaved. While some are dark elves who carry on Nol’s family legacy, others are beautiful young girls who are just looking for a man who can give them sex.

As a surrogate audience member, Yuichi finds himself in a strange land and awakens on a busty elf. He joins a group of elves, including Nol, the closest position figure in the land. Nol then sends Yuichi out into the land to procreate with as many elven ladies as possible, and he finds that there are plenty of them.

Yokosou sukebe elf

In Yokosou sukebe elf no Mori e, the elves have a new leader and it’s a man named Yuichi who becomes the messiah to save them. Elf babes of all sizes, colors, and skin tones are featured in this exciting anime series. You can download the latest episode and watch it on the go.

Nol, the leader of the high elves, is a character who brings Yuichi to Alfhiem. He’s old – 184,014, according to elven standards – and is concerned about the dispute between the dark and high elves. Nol, however, is a reasonable authority figure who is usually willing to compromise. This is reflected in the fact that Nol lets Evelyn live in the village and accepts Yuichi instantly. Despite his age, Nol prefers to stay in his petite form.


In Delva Yokosou Sukebe Elf no Mori, the dark elves of the “Underdark” are eager to capture Yuichi, the savior of humankind. After Elda falls into a pit, Delva saves her. She then applies to Yuichi for a mating showdown. Yuichi accepts, and they begin their relationship.

Yuichi’s first encounter is with Nol, leader of the high elves. She is very old, at 184,014 years old by elven standards, but she is very kind and warm-hearted. She worries about the elven conflict with the dark elves, but accepts Yuichi as she is. Nol is the first elf Yuichi has sex with, and she is the kindest, most compassionate, and sweetest person among high elves.

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