5 Best Programming Techniques that one should know

Programming has been a flourishing skill set that comes in handy, especially when everything is computerized. Programming is a golden skill that is learned by a lot of people and can be used to either secure a full-time, part-time, or even a freelancing job. Over recent years, it has gained a lot of hype however, very few can put actual effort into programming and often steer away from it by just knowing the basics as it seems way too confusing. Programming has to rank among the top required job applications in the industry right now.

However, some are indeed right, programming can seem a little too daunting for beginners and can intimidate beginners by looking at all the syntax and login and repetition, etc. We have however collected some good techniques and tactics that can help you in programming and easily secure the position that you have been looking for. So let’s dive into this article and learn those techniques.

1. Analyse, Understand, and Solve

Any program that is being built needs to have a certain amount of knowledge and logic required. It doesn’t even matter if it’s just a print statement, it still does require an amount of knowledge to understand where the print or output statement has to go. This cannot be stressed enough but internalize your code! or in other words, create an algorithm for the code that you are planning to develop. Writing an algorithm can help you visualize your code and how it can be created.

If it helps you can even write down your code on a piece of paper to understand it better. If you are stuck on some problem, try to divide it into sub-parts and try solving each problem individually which might just help you crack the code to the solution.

2. Simplify and Modify!

Simplification of code is something that shouldn’t need to be told separately as it is one of the most common misconceptions that your code needs to be this unreadable form of secret but in the end, this same code ends up being unreadable and problem-solving becomes very difficult as the logic and base of it is so twisted. Simplifying your code can result in easier problem solving and readable qualities which can help you figure out solutions to the problem easily. As a developer team member as well, your colleagues need to be able to understand what you have typed. Hence, start using simpler logic and loops which can be efficient, time-conserving, and easy to use.

3. Comments Everywhere!

While many may think that adding comments does nothing but cause inefficiency and is time-consuming, people forget that comments can help someone else understand your code and solve problems on it if required. Comments can help any programmer understand which block of the code it is and can help understand where the error is and help you troubleshoot the error without any further issues. They may not add any value during the actual runtime of the program itself, it can however help you while solving problems as we have emphasised.

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4. Proper Indentation and Spacing

Indentation is very similar to organizing things around your house and when required, you might have the things that you need right at the place where you need them. Indentation can help coders and programmers understand where a block ends and where a function, loop, or any important body of code starts and ends and can help them troubleshoot and debug the code when required. This spacing is the reason why a code can look efficient and dedicated rather than a huge pile of statements on statements with having to figure out every single detail.

5. Google is your friend!

If you are stuck somewhere and/or need to learn something new to troubleshoot it, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to use Google as a helping hand. Most coders and programmers do learn a lot from Google to troubleshoot their code. Google is a powerhouse of knowledge and you can pretty much find any piece of help that you might require. That being said, it shouldn’t be used to copy and paste blocks of code as it can pretty much lower your skill level.


These techniques are quite simple and may seem obvious but many beginners tend to forget or neglect these, but trust me, these are very helpful and handy when it comes to coding and programming and should be taken into account. Hope this article helped and happy coding.