A Beta Before an Alpha by Summer Richards

If you’ve read A Beta Before an Alpha by Summer Richards, you know that the protagonist is not a typical male. She is more like a country singer with a soft and pleading voice. Throughout the book, she must deal with a variety of people – from the Alpha to the Whisperer – who will try to manipulate her. The outcome is a climactic scene where the Alpha tries to convince the Beta that she’s not a woman, and the two of them fight.


“Beta Before an Alpha” is the second book in the ‘Aristocrats’ series. It starts with a group of Whisperers challenging the Alpha for his leadership position. In the early chapters, the Alpha questions the loyalty of Beta, and Dee, the twosister who has taken over the leadership role, tries to convince him that she and her daughter are not out to hurt him. She convinces him otherwise, and the twosisters go off to the gallery to gather more walkers.

The group of survivors known as Whisperers was made up of three survivors. Dee became Alpha’s second-in-command and Beta took her place. She made an unlikely bond with the Alpha, but he insisted they stay. He was furious with the two women, but she convinced him to let them stay, and he invited them to Lydia’s side of the hospital. Lydia had a zombified friend who was the Alpha’s best friend, and Lydia was frightened of losing him. Beta took Lydia’s shirt in honor of her friend, and hid her identity with it.

After a heartbreaking episode in which the Alpha dies, Beta finds himself wandering in his room, and becomes angry and irrational. He refuses to acknowledge his friend’s death, and gets punished by the Whisperer. He tries to kill him, but Lydia arrives just in time. Beta lifts the mask to look at the face of his deceased friend. Lydia recognizes him and chuckles, giving him a knife.


Richard had a stack of books to read during the summer break. He wanted to read stuff that would wipe the memories of his eighth-grade drama away. Back then, girls went steady with dopes with greased hair and turned up their noses at guys who read. Summer was his time to escape and read a book that would help him forget about the drama of the past year. The Whisperer is a fantastic summer read for any man who needs a little adventure.

This novel has been translated into several languages. This book has a Canadian setting. The characters in the story are primarily Native American. A few minor characters appear in the book but are mainly minor characters. There is also a strong female character, Charity Royall. She was born on The Mountain, a place scorned by the inhabitants of North Dormer. Charity was adopted by a lawyer and his wife, but the two are not able to connect with each other.


In A beta before an Alpha, the female character is the Alpha, and she has a history of being weak and impulsive. She is also a Whisperer, and is devastated by the assassination of Negan. She begins to deteriorate mentally, and the Alpha punishes her by biting the head of her reanimated Alpha and adding it to her mask.

When the Alpha and Lydia are stranded at a hospital, the two characters must escape the walkers. The Beta reluctantly accepts the two and refuses to let them enter his private quarters, but they have bonded with Dee. Later, when the Alpha is gathering more walkers, Beta follows her, demanding them to leave. However, the two women end up trespassing on Beta’s side of the hospital and Lydia kills her zombified best friend. While Dee tries to calm down the Beta, she has trouble with her feelings for Alpha.

The Alpha tries to protect Frances, but the Beta is repelled by this. The Beta’s anger rages and she questions the Alpha’s decision. The Alpha claims she is proud of the woman but the Beta is deeply hurt and misses her sister. The two have a close relationship, and in the end, Mary dies as a result of the Alpha’s attack. A beta before an alpha by summer richards


The series begins with a character known only as Negan. While the Alpha tries to kill Negan, he is in danger of killing himself first. The Beta, however, views Negan as a threat and despises him. The first time we see Negan, he bites the head of his old Alpha and throws it to the ground. But after he dies, the Alpha reanimates his head and tries to kill him.

After the attack on Alexandria, the group tries to track down the horde. They discover Negan’s hideout, and they escape. Eventually, they reach the safe zone, where Negan is hiding. After the attack, the horde follows the group. While the survivors retreat, the horde follows. Daryl and Lydia encounter the Alpha. During the attack, Negan kills the Alpha, but the Beta is left in a weak position.

In the comics, Negan is an Alpha before he becomes a beta. However, the mid-season premiere episode moved away from this relationship and focused more on the Alpha’s relationship with Negan. Although the Alpha doesn’t buy Negan’s potential trouble with Gamma, he does give her a disguise. The Alpha doesn’t believe in this, but she changes her mind when her beta reports her missing.


Lydia, a beta before an alpha, is a young girl in Dartmouth College who is double majoring in Biology and Art History. She is also on the pre-health track. She is particularly interested in the physiology of disease. Lydia has volunteered at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and assisted Prof. Karl Griswold with research. She also likes to listen to music and to draw.

Compared to other stories about a young girl, Tales of the Walking Dead’s version of Alpha is completely different. While promotional stills show her with a long and flowing hair, the trailer shows a bald-headed woman with no hair. This young girl is presumed to be Alpha’s friend and learns how to survive among the zombies. In the end, however, Alpha is left scabbed and covered in blood.


As she approached twenty-one, Aria was still mate-less. The Alpha of her pack, Shikhar, imprinted on her younger sister. At first, Shikhar was wary of Aria, but when he realized that she had been imprinted, he decided to make it right. This move would make the future for both Aria and Shikhar much better.

When Aria’s future mate rejected her, she was torn between the strong mating pull of her inner wolf and her responsibility to her family and pack. Ultimately, she chose to stay with her family and pack. But the choices she made weren’t the best. Shikhar, who was already a mate to Dahlia, was not the one she was meant to be with.

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