Which Sentence Defines an Advantage of Writing?

Which sentence describes an advantage of writing? The first sentence states that writing is a good form of communication. However, if the recipient of the writing is not able to understand what the writer says, they can go back and read it again. As such, writing is not something that one can master overnight. The second sentence in the passage explains the relationship between morality and writing style. When it comes to the former, writing is a form of self-expression, a way of expressing oneself.


When you use Apex, you’re coding like a database stored procedure. That means you can add business logic to events and custom objects. The language is similar to Java and is user-friendly, enabling even the most inexperienced developers to write effective code. But, before you start writing Apex, it’s important to understand how this language works. It will help you make informed decisions about your project’s features and functionality.

It is a good form of communication

A good form of communication can be considered the best when the recipient can easily understand what you have to say. Compared to regular speech, written communication has a longer lifespan. Written communications can be referenced later, whereas regular speech does not. Therefore, it is essential to consider how long a piece of writing will have an impact on its recipients. Furthermore, it must be clear and concise. Moreover, good written communication forms a connection between the author and reader, thereby forming a bond between the two.

Verbal communication involves the use of words in a one-on-one conversation or in a group. It is a personal method of communication, and should be used more frequently than phone calls. Face-to-face communication is also more effective, because it allows the person to gauge the other person’s response. Face-to-face communication also helps active participation, as it helps to determine whether or not the other person will respond to what you have to say.

It helps people express themselves

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