A guide to writing the best birthday message for a client

Business birthday cards are an excellent method to maintain client touch, and this modest gesture keeps you in the minds of your business partners. You should know about innovative ways to write birthday message for clients to impress them. 

Why Should I Send Birthday Cards to my clients?

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Every single person has a birthday. And many of us mark this day with a celebration. Thus, it is logical to use customer birthdays as a marketing strategy. To assist the same, you can deliver a creative birthday message for clients. 

In fact, most large businesses offer their customers birthday programs. They serve as a means of encouraging repeat business and reminding customers of the items or services provided. They utilise loyalty programs since they are effective.

Although not all business services are designed for this type of incentive scheme, anyone can send birthday cards to clients. It elicits the same response – to cultivate long-lasting loyalty and enhance relationships.

By sending a tangible card to your clients, you guarantee your message will not be lost in a flood of emails or the dreaded spam folder. Also, it is more intimate than internet communication. As a result, your customer retention will grow, and your client engagement will gain a competitive advantage.

How to Choose a Birthday Card for Business Customers?

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Selecting the appropriate greeting cards to send to clients need not be time-consuming. Although you should choose a card that expresses your relationship or the recipient’s personality, it is the thought that truly matters. 

Nonetheless, consider the following when producing personalised greeting cards for business associates:

  • Recognize your audience: When sending a birthday card to a customer, it is essential to know your audience. You don’t want to send a witty card to someone who won’t enjoy the humour.
  • Make it specific: Personalise the card for your consumers to strengthen business relationships. Pick a greeting that matches the personality of your business client. Instead, cater your message to the recipient’s specific interests.
  • Know when to maintain a professional tone: If you do not know your clients well or only know them in a strictly professional situation, use a formal or generic birthday card. Not everyone on your list will enjoy a humorous cat greeting card or one that promotes alcohol.

What Do You Write on a Client’s Birthday Card?

Corporate birthday greetings need not be complicated or difficult to compose. Often, they consist of only two or three sentences. Yet, it is essential to remind recipients of your professional relationship.

Here are some fundamental suggestions for what to include in a bespoke business birthday card:

  • Send a personalised birthday greeting. Not only will receiving a personalised greeting card please the receiver, but it will also be a reminder that you value your relationship with them.
  • In the card, address the client by name, and using the customer’s first name establishes a more personal relationship.
  • Put your own signature on the card: If you utilise a greeting card service such as Minute Mail Gifts, you can generate a signature from your handwriting. 
  • Add a birthday-specific offer or call to action, if appropriate for your business. This could be a coupon for a discount or a friendly reminder of your services.
  • Add a delightful surprise. Each card you send may contain a tuck-in gift. This small token remains long after the card is discarded and is significantly more durable than a gift card.
  • Add your logo. If business branding is crucial, include your logo on your business birthday cards. There are many ways to personalise your greeting cards, including the opportunity to include a logo (though we recommend limiting it for this reason), images, handwritten words, and your contact information.

Final Thoughts:

How should one best send birthday greetings?

The majority of businesses do not send bespoke birthday cards. This is because the process might be time-consuming. Although every minute of your workday is essential, the ideal approach to sending birthday greetings to clients is by using a business greeting card service.

 You can make and send a personalised greeting card from your computer or mobile device in just one minute. Not only does this save you time, but you can also send a gift together with your card to increase its impact.

To expedite sending birthday cards to clients, you can store their birthdays in your address book. This helps you to plan a birthday card in advance. Thus, your memory of the buyer is still fresh. Also, it keeps you from forgetting this significant event.

Also, you can save templates for your most often sent greeting cards. Simply reuse the templates when designing new customised cards to save time. 

You can customise the message you provide with each new card to reflect the recipient better. But ensure that you periodically update the template you use to create your cards. You should avoid sending the same card or message to all of your consumers.

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