American Memorial Park Quarter Value

The American Memorial Park quarter is available in several grades. The MS 63 gem uncirculated coin is the most desirable because it has excellent eye appeal and luster. A MS 65 proof coin is also highly desirable because it is nearly perfect with few blemishes. If you are looking for a better value, you can also try purchasing a MS 68 proof coin. These coins have a higher price tag but are a great choice for collectors.

The 2019 American Memorial Park quarter is composed of nickel and copper and is sold for more money than their uncirculated counterparts. The obverse side features the portrait of President George Washington, while the reverse shows the monument to Saipan’s American veterans. A plaque on the reverse features the names of the soldiers who died in the Marianas Campaign. The coins were created in honor of these soldiers, who died during WWII.

There are no known errors on the 2019 American Memorial Park quarter. If you have one, report it to an independent grading service to determine its worth. A well-graded uncirculated coin can be worth up to $13 in average condition. Moreover, you can use the coin to spend it, save it, or take it to the bank. You can even find a nice collector’s edition for as little as $5.

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