Harpers Ferry Quarter Errors

Among the many mistakes made on Harpers Ferry quarters is the loss of detail, or die wear. The reverse face is completely missing fine details, making it nearly unrecognizable. Die wear is a common problem for this series, which has also been known for producing poor-quality strikes. Here are three examples of errors that can cause problems for collectors. Read on to learn how to spot these errors. And remember to always check your coins for die wear.

Another common mistake is accelerated die wear. In this instance, the die wear process is accelerated, causing an image to become smooth and flat instead of sharp and defined. This error is only known from a single die and only occurs on the reverse side of the 2016-P Harpers Ferry quarter. In this instance, the legend and the central design have been removed, and a glossy splotch has replaced them. The amorphous splotch is the result of the same die-wearing process, but lacks the detail that normal coins have.

The second mistake occurs on the obverse. While the original design of the Washington Quarter featured Washington looking left and the word “Liberty,” this quarter is not the original design. The obverse of this quarter includes the words “United States of America,” “In God We Trust,” and the mint mark. The reverse side shows John Brown’s fort in West Virginia, and tells the story of the John Brown uprising.

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