American Samoa Quarter 2009

On September 4, 2009, the US Mint released the American Samoa Quarter. The governor of the island nation and US Mint Deputy Director Andrew Brunhart were in attendance to announce the new coin. The Governor gave out free American Samoa Quarters to children and adults exchanged their currency for rolls of quarters. The design was selected by a committee of six numismatic experts and a public poll.

The standard BU Quarter, which has the same face value as a $1 coin, is worth only $0.25. However, collectors will likely find that this 2009-D American Samoa Quarter is worth a premium and represents great value. Even with its low price, the coin is one of the most valuable ever minted. If you can find one, you’re in for a treat. The 2009-D American Samoa quarter is an exceptional investment for collectors and numismatists alike.

A single coin of the 2009 American Samoa State Quarter is worth between five and ten dollars. In addition to circulating, it can also be sold at a retail price of anywhere from $5 to $10. It is recommended that you send your coin to a professional numismatic company for grading. In addition, the average face value of the Territory Quarter is $0.25. This coin can be used to buy items in stores or saved in a bank or investment account.

The 2009 American Samoa Quarter is the fourth in a series of coins honoring the United States’ territories. These coins were issued by the Denver mint facility and have a total mintage of 39600000. The coins feature a diameter of 24mm and are produced in a bright uncirculated condition. The official ceremony was held on September 4, 2009.

The standard 2009 American Samoa US territory quarter is a clad composition of nickel and copper. Proof-mined quarters have been struck with more precious metals and are sold for more money. American Samoa is an island group consisting of five main islands and two atolls in the South Pacific. The islands were named a US territory in 1929, but they are not actually US citizens.

The American Samoa Quarter features an image of the coastline. The reverse design depicts a staff and whisk. These objects are used to make special ceremonial drinks during important events. The staff and whisk represent the rank of an orator during gatherings. Both are displayed on the official seal of the nation. These coins are issued with the official seal of American Samoa. So, you can buy the coin with confidence.

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