The 2016 Harpers Ferry Quarter Error

Despite the recent announcement that the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Quarter has an error, the coin is not worthless. You can purchase one in circulated condition for $0.25, but if you are looking for a higher value, consider investing in uncirculated versions. A 2016 P or D quarter will fetch you $0.75, while a 2017 S proof coin will command you $15. If you don’t have enough money to invest in a proof coin, consider buying an average circulated one and saving it for your collection.

While the design itself is not illegible, you can still tell that the coin is affected by die wear. In the obverse, the design is sharply struck. On the reverse, the design is distorted, losing many fine details. However, you should not be alarmed because the coin will be worth a lot of money if it is graded properly. Nevertheless, if you do find an error, the value will increase.

If you are a collector of American coins, you should be aware of the Harpers Ferry quarter error. This particular quarter contains copper and nickel, and is the 33rd in the National Parks Quarters series. The obverse of the coin shows John Brown’s Fort and the word “Liberty.” The reverse side depicts the fort where the abolitionist armed rebellion took place in West Virginia, and also bears the phrase, ‘In God We Trust.’

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