Android 12 Is Catching Up To iOS For Privacy And Security

There’s no denying that Android 12 is one of the biggest Android updates in the OS’s history. It brings tons of new features and changes to the user interface and under-the-hood.

Google has been focusing on privacy protection since Android 9 (Pie) and Android 12 goes one step further. Let’s take a look at Android 12 privacy options that bring Android closer to iOS.

Android 12 Privacy Features

1. Privacy Dashboard

The Privacy Dashboard, as the name implies, gives you a complete overview of which system components are used by apps. These components include body sensors, location service, microphone, calendar, storage, and others.

You can click on the button to see a list of apps that use location services. Location usage The Privacy Dashboard will display the apps that have gotten your location within the last 24 hours. You can change the permissions of the dashboard if an app is frequently obtaining your location or using a service it shouldn’t.

2. Microphone and Camera Access

Google now adds microphone and camera access switches to their website with one click. This allows you instantly to disable the Microphone or Camera access.

If you are a privacy freak and afraid of Google recording your conversations in the background, this can be a great feature.

3. Microphone and Camera Access Indicator

This feature was introduced for the first time in iOS. When an app uses the microphone or camera, a bright orange/green dot appears in the upper right corner.

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Similar to Android 12, an even bigger, a greener squircular icon appears when you use a microphone or camera. If you notice that the access indicator lights up even when the camera/microphone is off, you can uninstall the app or revamp access.

4. Google Play Security Updates

Are you fed up with your OEM not delivering security patches every month or every other quarter? Google is about to make this change. Google Play will now receive updates. Project Mainline made this possible.

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What do you think about the new privacy and security features in Android 12? Leave your comments below.

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