Ark Fjordur Broodmother Location Guide

The Broodmother boss is located in the Overgrown Grave Cave. Unlike the other bosses, you can’t summon her and you’ll need to rerun the game to find her. This article will cover some important information about where to find the Broodmother boss in the Overgrown Grave Cave.

Boss terminals

There are 7 bosses in the Fjordur region of Ark Survival Evolved, and you can access them by using the boss terminals in caves. These are located in the north part of the redwood forest, near bear caverns, and at 09.9 Latitude – 84.3 Longitude.

The Broodmother is one of the game’s strongest world bosses, but you can’t just walk up to her and kill her. The only way to access her lair is to use a boss terminal, which is only available in Fjordur. To activate the terminal, you must collect the materials it requires.

The Broodmother terminal can only be reached once you have the Relic of Beyla, which can be obtained from Beyla’s beehive. The Relic of Beyla can only be obtained if you have completed the previous task and have the required Runestones. You can also use Megatheriums to make the fight easier.

The Dragon Terminal is located at 86.2 LAT, 05.4 LON. You can also use the Hati and Skull Relic at 20.5 LAT, 37.5 LON. You can find detailed video guides of the location on SeeShell Gaming.

The Dragon Terminal is located on the other side of the Mines of Moria. You can also use shards to summon it. Once you kill it, you can get the trophy and loot. In addition, the Broodmother spider will attack you with its Araneo minions.

The Draugr Tombs are also found in the Fjordur area. These dungeons are full of Titanboas and spiders. Those spawning in the Tombs will have a Corrupted Avatar variant.


The Broodmother is a boss that you can find in the ARK Fjordur DLC. To reach her lair, you need to find materials. These items will help you activate her terminal. However, this is not always easy to do.

The first thing you need to do to reach her is find the artifacts. These can be found in the caves in Fjordur. You can find them near the coordinates (09.9 84.3), where you can find Titanboas, spiders, and bears.

You can also find the Immune Artifact in the northwest of the Fjordur area. You will need to enter the Drengrheimr Cave to get it. The entrance to this cave is blocked by a giant rock that carries C4. You will need to fight the Purlovias and bats before you can get to the artifact. Alternatively, you can find the Immune Artifact in the Mount Doom Caverns, located to the southeast of Volcano Island. However, you will need to equip thermal insulation to do so.

Once you have these items, you will be able to enter the Broodmother’s terminal. You must have at least 30 Runestones to access the terminal, but you need to remember that she is poisonous and can kill you in one hit. To make the fight easier, you can use megatheriums to protect yourself from its poisons.

The Broodmother location is located at LAT 57.2, LON 65.8, and is a place where you can kill Alpha creatures. If you kill the Alpha creatures, you can also get the Beyla Relic and the Steinbjorn Relic from the blue ice portal. You can also summon the Jotunheim boss using the Steinbjorn Relic.

In the north west region of the map, you can find the Artifact of the Hunter. The coordinates of the location are 03.3 Latitude and 32.6 Longitude. You can find it using the c4. The entrance to this location is blocked by massive rock, but once you break through it, you will find the Artifact. Bats and Purlovias inhabit the area.


The Fjordur DLC adds a massive new map to the ARK: Survival Evolved world, including three new obelisks. These giant towers act as data portals, and players can access them to learn about new dinosaurs and survivor skills.

Obelisks are huge floating towers that float above the world, and are visible from any spawn point. In Ark Fjordur, you can find three different obelisks at different locations across the map. The green one is in the far northeast of the world, while the red and blue obelisks are located in the southwest and southeast, respectively.

The Obelisks at the Ark Fjordur broodmother location are the ideal location for placing tributes to Fenrisulfr. Fenrisulfr is an extremely difficult beast to defeat, with extremely high health stats. She attacks with a combination of charge attacks, ice spikes, and a mana-like ice beam. Once you defeat her, you’ll be rewarded with a special Fenrir Cryopod.

During the Fjordur quest, you’ll encounter three bosses. The first boss is the Broodmother, while the other two are the Megapithecus and Dragon bosses. The final boss is the very large Fenrir, which will take your greatest efforts to defeat. As always, you will need to rerun the bosses to earn the trophies you need.

The Broodmother’s lair is not located in the wild. To access her lair, you must use the Broodmother’s terminal. To use the terminal, you need to collect items. Once you have collected these items, activate the terminal in order to get to the Broodmother’s lair.

The first rune you need to gather is at coordinates (19.6 24.3), which is next to a main road. The first rune is in the middle of the stone. If you can find this, you can then craft items with them.

The second location is the Broodmother’s tomb. This location is also known as the Draugr Tomb. A unique Corrupted Avatar Variant will be available if you visit it. Lastly, the Fjordur map contains the following variants:

Cave entrance

During the game’s Fjordur region, you’ll come across seven different bosses. To defeat them, you must obtain the requisite Runestones. You can find these gems in caves in the north of the redwoods, as well as in bear caverns.

Once you’ve obtained them, you can go back and fight the Broodmother in her lair. The Broodmother can be found in the Fjordur map, and you need to find some materials to reach her lair. Once you have them, you can activate the terminal at her lair.

You must also collect Beyla’s Relic before you can enter the terminal. The cave entrance is located at 57.2 Latitude, 65.6 Longitude. Beyla’s relic is found by fighting the Alpha enemies in the area. Afterwards, you’ll be rewarded with a Mjolnir hammer.

You can also find the first rune in the Ark Fjordur map at coordinates (19.6 24.9), which is located at the center of a stone. This stone will be a useful item in the upcoming Ark Fjordur area. Once you obtain the rune, you’ll be able to hunt the Direwolf and fight the Hati and Skoll bosses.

The Artifact of the Hunter is located in the Drengrheimr Cave, which is located in the north-western area of Fjordur. This location is blocked by a massive rock that contains C4, so you must remove it to access the artifact. While inside, you’ll come across bats, Purlovias, and a large number of Purlovias.

The Fjordur area also has a large ecosystem and a variety of artifacts that you can collect. The new Fjordur map also contains a new tiered boss-fight system. While the game has numerous locations and rewards, progressing in the game requires dedication and patience.

The Fjordur map also contains the Draugr Tombs, which will grant you a custom Corrupted Avatar Variant. Aside from the Broodmother, there are several different variants you can find in the Fjordur map. In addition, the Fjordur map includes the Real World and Space Biomes.

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