How to Get the Yukumo Sky Armor Set in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

There are several ways to get the Yukumo Sky Armor Set in MHrise Sunbreak. The first way is by using Bishatens, which can be obtained from the Outfit Voucher Plus. The second way is by acquiring a Cohoot Mask.


If you’re looking to get a complete set of Yukumo Sky Armor, you’ve come to the right place. This unique set of armor comes with 5 pieces: the Yukumo Sky Kasa, the Yukumo Sky Dogi, the Yukumo Sky Kote, and the Yukumo Sky Obi. Once you have all five, you’ll be able to combine them into a complete set that will provide you with Critical Eye.

In Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll be able to get this beautiful set as soon as you reach Master Rank 2. This is achieved by completing the A Dangerous Dare side quest from Pingarh the Sailor. Once you have this quest completed, you’ll be able to craft the chest piece and head piece for the set.

Outfit Voucher Plus

In Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak, you can get an Outfit Voucher Plus by completing the Main Story Campaign. The game requires that you have achieved Master Rank 2, defeated Gaismagorm, and reached MR10. The reward for completing the Main Story Campaign is the Outfit Voucher Plus, which you can use to craft Master Rank Layered Armor. You will need Bishaten Finefur and Glidefeather, as well as Massive Monster Bone.

The Outfit Voucher is a unique material that is used to craft Layered Armor, which will change the look of your gear. However, unlike regular armor sets, Layered Armors do not alter your stats or increase your damage.

Once you have the Outfit Voucher Plus, you can start crafting the Yukumo Sky Armor Set. You can start by speaking with Bahari at the Elgado Outpost. To do this, you will need to spend 50 Investigation Coins. You can also earn more Investigation Coins by completing Bahari’s Research Requests. You can also find the Outfit Voucher Plus in Afflicted Monster quests, and it’s likely to appear in future event quests as well.

After you reach Master Rank 10, you can complete Anomaly Quests. These quests will give you an Outfit Voucher+, as well as Afflicted-variant monster parts. The Outfit Voucher+ can be used for crafting a Master Rank Layered Armor.

Activating a Backroom Deal

In the game, Backroom Deals are a great way to acquire rare materials. Activating a Backroom Deal will give you the chance to exchange one item for another. However, you will need certain items first before you can trade. You can find them by playing a Master Rank story question or speaking to Nagi, a Buddy Agent.

The Yukumo Sky Armor Set is a new armor set in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This armor set has unique properties that allow you to use special effects. It is made up of 5 pieces, including the Kasa, Dogi, Kote, and Obi. Once equipped, you can use its special effects to deal more damage to your enemies. The Yukumo Sky Armor Set also gives you the Critical Eye, but you need to combine all five to get the full effect.

Obtaining a Cohoot Mask

A Cohoot Mask is a layered piece of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak armor that you can obtain after completing the “In Cahoots for Cohoot Pics” quest. This layered piece of armor is unique in that it allows you to customize the look of your equipment in a number of ways. It also has two dye channels that can be customized with your favorite colors.

To obtain a Cohoot mask for yukumo sky armor set, players must first take a picture of a Cohoot. This is done by using a wirebug. In addition, they must do parkour in order to get to the final Cohoot, which can be accessed using a ladder in the blue tent.

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, players can obtain the Yukomo Sky armor set by earning Master Rank 2. Afterwards, players must complete A Dangerous Dare side quest given by Pingarh the Sailor. Then, they can craft the head piece and chest piece of the set. They will also need Bishaten Finefur, Bishaten Glidefeather, and Massive Monster Bone.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak offers a variety of Master Rank Armor Sets. These sets require the player to acquire materials from Master Rank Monsters. They can be looted from a variety of locations in the game world. While some of these armor sets are awarded to players who kill specific Monsters, others are awarded to players who complete a five-star quest. Rage Gaming has created a video series that explains the different Armor Sets and their Skills.

Crafting the Yukumo Sky Armor Set

Crafting the Yukumo Sky Armour Set is one of the many challenges in the new Mhrise expansion. To get the complete set, you need to reach Master Rank 2 in the expansion. The first step in the process is to find Pingarh the Sailor in the dock area. He will give you a side quest called Dangerous Dare. This is a Non-Key Hunting Hub quest that requires you to perform a series of tasks in order to receive the armor set.

Once you have the pieces, you can combine them to get the Yukumo Sky Armor Set. You’ll need a Bishaten Glidefeather, a Dragonbone Artifact, two Massive Monster Bones, and a Twisted Stiffbone.

The Yukumo Sky Armor Set is one of the latest armor sets in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion. It features high-quality stats and special effects. You can equip the set with various weapons and skills. It also has a level 2 Critical Eye, and an extra decoration slot for your gear.

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you can unlock several new Armor Sets by completing Master Rank quests. To craft these items, you’ll need to gather Master Rank materials, which are available in loot spots around the game world. There are also some Armor Sets that are only available to female characters.

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