Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Guide – The Imperial Beak

In Monster Hunter Rising, the Imperial Beak is a new Master Rank Material, available in the game’s Sunbreak Expansion. It is used for crafting many different items. You can get it by capturing or breaking the head of a large bird-like monster, such as a Bird Wyvern. Capture has a 20% chance of giving you the Imperial Beak, while breaking the head gives you a 75% chance.

Royal Beak is Master Rank Material in MHR Sunbreak

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, there are new weapons and armors for you to craft. The game also introduces a new Master Rank Material, the Imperial Beak, which you can use to make a number of different items. You can get it by completing quests, and it can also be found as a drop from some monsters.

It is a Master Rank Material in Monster Hunter Rise

The Imperial Beak is a Master Rank Material that you can craft different items with. You can obtain this item by hunting various monsters. The first requirement to obtain the material is to complete the first mission, “Uninvited Guest – Hunt a Daimyo Hermataur”. This monster is a large red crab that uses high-power jets of water to attack you.

The Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise is more difficult than the High Rank. These monsters are stronger and have more complex attacks. A great way to get this material is by doing Master Rank quests. You can use this material to improve your monsters.

It is Master Rank Material in Monster Hunter Rise

Among the new features of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the ability to upgrade your monsters’ Master Ranks. This feature will allow you to gain access to more powerful monsters and unlock new build options. You will also have access to new attacks that you can use to increase your monsters’ power.

You can obtain this material by capturing and killing monsters. The material is also obtainable by recovering monsters. This method will give you the ability to use various items in the game, including armor and weapons. But be aware that it may be difficult to get this material in the early game.

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