Phantom Conch Locations in Genshin 2: Impact 2.8

In Genshin 2: Impact 2.8, there are two new mini-maps that have phantasmal conch locations. On the map, you can find a white conch icon with a faint glow. You can then go to the Sojourner’s Song and Photographer’s Words tabs to find the conch.

Xinyan’s Domain

Xinyan’s Domain on Genshin 2 is a large interconnected maze that contains numerous doors. It also features floating areas, wind gusts, and drums. When you hear a drum, a bridge will spawn in front of you, leading to a new door.

This location can be found since Day 3 but is a bit more difficult to find than other areas. Once you’ve completed the storyline, you’ll need to go back to this area. After you exit the Frozen Soul entrance, you’ll need to head left to reach the portal that will take you further into the domain. Once you’re in the domain, you’ll find several chests, including an Echoing Conch.

The new event, Labyrinth Warrior, introduces new Domain challenges. It starts on October 21 and runs until November 8. You’ll be rewarded with primogems, event-exclusive talent level-up materials, and a new Pyro character.

You’ll also find a 5th Conch on Broken Isle, which is located on a small island to the northeast of the Isle. It’s part of the Resonating Visions event and unlocks after you complete Blazin’ Trails and Xinyan’s storyline. You can also adjust the size of the mountain. There’s a hole in the mountain that leads underground.

The other new locations on the map are Fischl’s Domain, Xinyan’s Domain, and Mona’s Domain. Both of these new zones have unique designs. The atmosphere is mysterious and haunted, and the prickly trees are reflective of Fischl’s personality. Both are unique and highly replayable.

In order to progress in the game, you must use the Melodic Bloom and Melodic Harp. You can use these to release G-clefs and create wind currents. Using these two tools, you’ll find it easier to reach the next area.

If you’re new to Genshin, you’ll find a new character called Fischl. The Golden Apple Archipelago area is full of these creatures. The Golden Apple Archipelago is also home to the Phantasmal Conch, which spawns during the Fischl’s Resonating Vision event.

Misty Hills

This new map contains three areas and is divided into sections. Each part has several chests to find. Some of them are hidden in plain sight, while others require solving puzzles to find them. In the first area, there are nine chests to find. The second area has three Common Chests and three Exquisite Chests. The third area also contains nine chests. It is available on PC and Mobile, and a Switch version is in development.

This map can be accessed from the main screen or by going to the Event Tab. It can also be accessed from the Event Details. For the initial exploration area, players should try using teams that are compatible with one another. The initial exploration domain is very difficult, so be prepared for some challenges.

The final area contains a Phantasmal Conch. It is found in an old wooden house and is the 15th Phantasmal Conch. The rest can be found on Broken Isle. If you want to visit this map without using the game’s main map, you can use the Stirring Strings menu to access it.

The Misty Hills are a challenging location, but it has plenty of rewards. Travelers should collect all fourteen Phantasmal Conches in order to move on to the next area. However, this area is only accessible to players who have collected all 14 of the other types of Phantasmal Conches.

This area is difficult for players who are not used to climbing. The first area requires careful climbing through roots and ruins. It is located on the inner side of the mountain. After completing the first phase, players should go to the second phase to complete the quest. A second area is located in Fischl’s Domain and can be accessed by completing it.

A third area is in the Broken Isle. It is located near the enemy camp and glows gold when investigated. A large arch-shaped mountain in the northwestern part of the island also houses four Phantasmal Conch locations. These locations are very difficult, but if you’re looking for a challenge, the Broken Isle is a great place to try.

The third area is located in Xinyan’s domain. It’s possible to pass by this area without seeing it, but if you look carefully, you’ll spot it. Be sure to look at the minimap. Once there, you can activate the guitars to follow the allegro blooms’ air currents.

Foggy Vales

If you’re looking for a new challenge in Phantom Conch 2, you may want to try the Misty Hills, Foggy Vales challenge. This challenge is reminiscent of the old residence of the Kaedehara Clan. In this challenge, Kazuha must relive both good and bad memories from her past. In addition, you might want to check out the chests in the Foggy Vales domain if you’re a Genshin Impact player.

There are two types of Phantasmal Conches in Foggy Vales, the first is the Genshin Impact, which is located on the Golden Apple Archipelago. In this area, Travelers should have collected at least eight of the first type of conch. However, you’ll only need one of the last type of conch to complete this challenge. This one is located near the base of a mountain, near a teleport waypoint.

The second type of conch is the Echoing Conch. It is found on a mountain northeast of the previous one. You can also reach it by gliding from the mountain south of the previous Echoing Conch. On the other hand, the Imaging Conch can be found on the northernmost island, but you’ll need to complete the Summertime Odyssey IV quest before it appears. It’s also on the second island from the eastern part of Twinning Isle.

If you’re interested in finding the other Phantasmal Conch locations, you can check out Fischl’s domain. This location is part of the Immernachtreich Apokalypse quest and the Twinning Isle quest. A rocky area near a large sparkling blue flower is the place to find the Conch. It glows gold when investigated.

If you have a Night Raven, you can use its sight camera to find a path to Fischl’s domain. You can also use the Night Raven’s sight camera to clear enemies around a path. When you’ve done this, you can then proceed to Fischl’s domain and complete the Immernachtreich Apokalyse event quest.

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