Ark Fjordur Taming Guide – How to Tame Shinehorn in Ark Fjordur

When in a quest, it is often beneficial to tame the Shinehorn as it will serve as your protection against the nameless creatures that are lurking nearby. The Shinehorn also has the ability to detect nearby enemies, and it can detect creatures up to the maximum level. In addition, it can act as your backpack, allowing you to carry 50% less items than you actually do. Taming the Shinehorn is relatively simple, and it is possible to tame different levels of Shinehorn using different items.


The Ark Fjordur DLC map adds new creatures and areas for the players to explore. Among the new creatures is the desmodus, which is a bat-like creature. It has special abilities such as echolocation, blood-sucking, and wall latching. This guide will show you where to find this creature and how to tame it for your character.

The Desmodus is a deadly companion, as it can blend in with its surroundings. It can also fly, glide, and hover, and swoop like a Snow Owl. In addition, it can use its scream to disperse its enemies. It can also enslave aggressive creatures and drain their blood.

In Ark Fjordur, the Desmodus can be found in a few locations. They are found near lava-encircled caves, waterfalls, and islands. In addition, the Desmodus can spawn in a few areas of the Fjordur region.

The Desmodus is an incredibly versatile creature, as it can pick up small creatures and attack them while in mid-air. The Desmodus also has a special ability to turn invisible at night. It can also turn invisible when attached to a creature. When attacking, the Desmodus will also generate blood packs.

Desmodus is a powerful beast that can attack players in Ark Fjordur, but it can also be tamed. The best way to tame a Desmodus is to equip blood packs on your hotbar. When Desmodus spots you, it will grab you. During this process, it will consume the blood packs you equip, but it will keep flying if you have enough blood packs. If it drops you, it is because it failed to tame you.

Desmodus can also be tamed by putting blood packs in your inventory. Once tamed, a Desmodus will start to drink your blood. The number of blood packs required will depend on how high your Desmodus is. While it will consume your blood, it will also consume your meat. This makes it a perfect choice for taming a Desmodus because it will help you get a high health buff.

The Desmodus is one of the new creatures in Ark Fjordur. It is a giant pipistrello that can mount alata. You can find it in three different locations. The map will also have three new portals and new creatures. In addition to these new creatures, the new map will also feature new challenges and rewards.

Desmodus is one of the most powerful creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved. If you want to tame this monster, you’ll have to find its locations first. Once you’ve found the right spot, you can tame it. It will give you a unique skill that will be useful in the game. You’ll also be able to tame a new beast called the Andrewsarchus. You can ride this boar-like creature without a saddle.

Desmodus in Ark Fjordur features a new area, a new boss, and new weapons and items. You’ll need to find 30 runestones to summon this beast. You can also use Fenrir and Mjolnir arma to summon it.

Microluminous Cerynitis

The Shinehorn is a passive but useful pet for survivors. It provides light and is a good companion. Unfortunately, it does not respond well to the typical tranquilize and feed techniques. It does have a low health, so it can be a bit challenging to tame this creature.

To tame a Shinehorn, you must feed it enough food to fill its taming bar. It is important to do this multiple times in order to gain its loyalty. Once tamed, the Shinehorn will sit on your shoulder or back and cuddle with you.

There are many creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved, and most of them can be found in previous updates. However, five of them are exclusive to the Fjordur DLC. In this guide, you will learn where to find these unique creatures and how to tame them. You can also learn how to tame the Andrewsarchus, which is a boar-like creature that can be tamed without a saddle.

You can tame Shinehorns by using the Fungal Wood and Aberration Mushrooms. Using these items, you will be able to tame various types of Aberration creatures, including Bulbdog, Shinehorn, Glowtail, Featherlight, and more. These creatures are located in Fjordur, and they can be obtained through taming them.

Another creature you can tame is the Desmodus. This is a very unique creature that provides many benefits. It can detect enemies, craft Sanguine Elixir, and see in the dark. As a bonus, it can help you recover your lost items after death.


You can hunt and tame the Andrewsarchus in Ark Fjordur. Tames are hard to come by, and you’ll have to use skill and luck to get them. Once you’ve tamed one, you can use it as a living turret. The best way to tame it is to find a large, open area and make sure it’s not in a wall.

You’ll find Andrewsarchus in the Fjordur update, and it’s one of the toughest creatures to tame. To learn how to tame this Omnivorous creature, read on! This Ark: Survival Evolved guide will show you exactly how to tame it.

In order to tame the Andrewsarchus, you’ll need to prepare a plan. First, you’ll need to feed it honey. If the Andrewsarchus is hungry, it will consume the honey. Once you’ve fed it enough honey, you’ll be able to saddle it.

The Andrewsarchus is an armored beast of burden that can take corners and can carry a powerful minigun on its back. It can also transport you from one island to another and serve as an assault mount. The Andrewsarchus’ powerful hind kick makes it a great mount for assaulting enemies.

The Andrewsarchus is another prehistoric beast that you can tame in Ark Fjordur. This animal resembles a wolf, but is bigger in stature. Its slow movement speed is not as fast as other dinosaurs, so you should be careful when approaching this animal. If you’re caught, you’ll be attacked right away.

The Andrewsarchus is not an easy creature to tame. It has a sweet tooth, and you should treat it with honey if you’re trying to tame it. However, it can turn aggressive if it gets angry and raged, so be sure to hop off before it gets a full bar.

Andrewsarchus can be tamed using Giant Bee Honey and the Ghille suit. Once tamed, you can mount it and ride it like a horse. Its stance and attack abilities make it useful in the early and late game. The ability to fire a minigun is an extra benefit.

Desmodus is another dangerous predator. This monster resides near the entrance of a large cave in Ark Fjordur. This creature is extremely aggressive and hard to tame, so it’s advisable to stock up on blood packs. The player needs to have ten blood packs in their inventory before they can tame the beast.

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