Ark Fjordur Otter Locations in ARK: Survival Evolved

Whether you’re a dinosaur or a otter fan, there are several places to find them in The Ark. Find the R-Snow Owl, R-Procoptodon, and R-Thylacoleo, as well as the X-Trike, X-Ankylosaurus, and X-Rock Elemental.


When taming an Otter, make sure to find the right location, as they only spawn in specific locations. This way, you can increase your Otter spawn rate to over one hundred percent. Otters will usually spawn near water, but be careful as they can drown due to their low health pools. This is why you need to tame them first before trying to collect creatures. The new Fjordur map includes a number of great locations for farming Otters.

You can find a large number of creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved. While most of them are included in the previous updates, there are five new creatures that are only available in the Fjordur DLC. This guide will show you where to find these creatures and how to tame them. In addition, you’ll find out how to tame the Andrewsarchus, a boar-like creature that doesn’t require a saddle.

The Redwood Forest is the best location for farming Otters. It’s located at coordinates LAT 29.4 and LON 84.3 on the map. This lake is full of these creatures. However, be careful! While they’re docile, they can attack if they get angry. Luckily, they’re not difficult to tame.

During your quest, you will need to hunt for different creatures. You’ll need to kill different kinds of monsters to unlock new levels. These unique creatures will be helpful in getting to the final level in ARK: Survival Mode. You can use them to find valuable items, as well as to hunt down enemies. The following are the locations where you can find each of these creatures.


There are a number of different locations in Ark Fjordur where you can find an otter. These are located at Lat 77.4 – Lon 24.8 and Lat 61.5 – Lon 22.9 respectively. They can also be found at Lat 34.3 – Lon 92.7. You can also find a X-Allosaurus at Lat 81.8 – Lon 92.8 in Fjordur.

One of the most challenging aspects of finding an otter is the difficulty. Otters are vulnerable to piranhas and other hostile fish in lakes. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye out for these creatures. While they may seem intimidating at first, they are actually great companions, and can keep you warm in a cold environment.

The X-Ankylosaurus is only one of several unique creatures you can find in Ark Fjordur. There are three other unique creatures that will be necessary for completing the game. These include the Rock Drake, which is located at Lat 42.0 – 49.2 in Fjordur, and the Basilisk. You will also have to explore the Central Cave, where you can find a number of unique creatures. The Ark map Wiki is another excellent resource for finding these monsters.

Otters have unique characteristics. Most otters like to ride on the owner’s shoulder or curl up around the neck. They also catch fish and have developed a special skill to collect Silica Pearls. They may also find Black Pearls. If you approach the otter in the right manner, it may offer you a Black Pearl.

X-Rock Elemental

There are three locations in the game where you can find the X-Rock Elemental. One of these locations is the Ark Fjordur Otter area, which can be found on the outskirts of the Fjordur city. It is also possible to find it in other parts of the game. X-Rock Elemental is a powerful creature that can instantly kill a well-prepared survivor. It has low physical damage, but it can demolish stone buildings.

Another location is Lat 93.2 – Lon 24.8. You can also find the R-Snow Owl at this location. The X-Allosaurus and X-Trike are also located in this location. In addition, the X-Ankylosaurus can be found at Lat 81.8 – Lon 92.8.

A low-level Troodon can kill a tamed Rock Elemental on their own. It will take some time but is possible. However, this method can be frustrating if you’re new to the game. Alternatively, you can use the Rocket Launcher to target higher level Rock Elementals.

Another location that contains the X-Rock Elemental is the Molten Caverns. These caves are located in the Fjordur area. You can enter them from the map of Fjordur. You need to be careful when entering these areas, because the caves are full of Titanboas and spiders.


In Ark: Survival Evolved, there are many unusual animal species to encounter. Fortunately, there are several ways to get them and tame them. You can follow these tips to increase the chances of catching some. You can also find specific locations for each creature.

The X-Argentavis is found at Lat 75.1 – Lon 58.3 in Jotunheim, while the R-Wolly Rhino is located at Lat 74.1 – Lon 41.3 in Fjordur. X-Allosaurus, X-Dunkleosteus, and X-Parasaur can also be found in Fjordur.

In Ark Survival Evolved, otters are common spawns in the Fjordur map. They can also be difficult to find sometimes. The easiest way to find Otters is to go to LAT 29.4 and LON 84.3 on a map. This is the easiest way to find a lake filled with Otters.


Otters are great companions in ARK Survival Evolved and are often used to hunt sea creatures. They are very handy for scavenging pearls and for fishing, and they keep the tribe warm during the night. However, before you can start hunting the otters, you must first find them.

X-Argentavis, Wolly Rhino, and Sabertooth are the other creatures you can encounter in ARK: The Ark. These three species are able to attack other critters, so be careful! Otters are vulnerable to piranhas, so keep an eye out for these creatures.

The best place to find otters in X-Dunkleosteus is in the Redwood Forest, and it’s the easiest to find them there. The otters will spawn in lakes and rivers.

You can also find R-Daeodon and R-Procoptodon in Ark. Both creatures are found at Lat 12.2 – Lon 64.6. The Snow Owl, Magmasaur, and Ice Wyvern are also found in Ark Fjordur. X-Dunkleosteus is also present in Ark Fjordur.

X-Wolly Rhino

The Woolly Rhino is a mid-game Mammal that can travel over land and can sprint through trees and rocks. The Woolly Rhino can carry a large load on its back. The Woolly Rhino is one of the most powerful animals in the game, and it has very good melee attacks, but it can also be damaged by ranged attacks. It can be dangerous if it skewers its tribemates or beloved animals, but it can be defeated by attacking it from higher ground.

The best place to farm Otters is the Redwood Forest. You can find it at coordinates LAT 29.4 and LON 84.3 on the map. You can also find otters in lakes and rivers. However, keep in mind that otters do not spawn at the same time.

The game allows players to hunt Woolly Rhinos. The animal’s horn is extremely valuable and can be ground into a powder that can be sold in Asian markets. Its horns are also used as aphrodisiacs by some cultures. The horn can also be used in crafting Lesser Antidote, which has a chance to deal up to x8 damage to all enemies.

There are currently seventy-four X-Wolly Rhino locations in Ark: Survival Evolved. In addition to the Fjordur Otter and Ark Fjordur Otter, you can also find the Maewing Poach. The Maewing Poach is one of the newer creatures in the game. It is a symbol of love, and is a great way to find more in-game items.

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