Ark Fjordur Village Locations

In ARK Fjordur, there are three different village locations where players can stay to protect themselves from the many creatures that roam the world. These villages are made up of existing structures which players can use to build or modify. The village structures must have been inhabited in the past, but they are now safe for players.


In Ark Fjordur, you can find a few villages scattered around. These locations are useful for a variety of purposes, including defense against hostile creatures. You can find these villages at different coordinates on the map. Below are a few of the benefits of these villages.

Vardiland is a small village located at Lat 69, Lon 05 coordinates. This place is filled with small and large huts. It is also covered with a circular pool that protects inhabitants from creatures. During your stay, you will want to guard yourself with a shield from these creatures.

Throughout the map, you will encounter some unusual creatures. These include the Fjordhawk, the Desmodus, and the Andrewsarchus. The latter is a mix of a wild boar and a bear. Its back can hold a machine gun, and it can even carry objects over obstacles.

You can also find violet crystals on the mountaintop and in the lake. These can be used for crafting items. The area with three lakes has the most violet crystals. There are many new locations to explore in Ark Fjordur. You can find rare mushrooms in this area too.


There are two spawn locations in Vannaland. The first is marked as an easy location, and the second is marked as a hard one. Both spawn in a chilly mountain peak area, where Direwolves are constantly competing to kill you. The hard location is marked by a red star, and is also marked as the most dangerous. The easy location is the central area of the map.

In addition to the main hub, Ark Fjordur has three different villages. These are located on the map at different coordinates, so locating them is important. These villages offer a variety of benefits, including protection from dangerous creatures. You can also build structures in these locations, or modify existing ones if you want.

There are several other options available when you want to explore Vannaland. The most popular one is the ARK Fjordur map. This map takes inspiration from the Nordic world and mythology, and features countless cave systems. You can also explore the ice caves, which are full of interesting creatures.

The Whiterun village can be easily spotted on a map. It contains many little huts and a large hut that has a garden. It has a similar architecture as other villages in Skyrim.


There are three village locations in Bolbjord, each of which can offer players a number of benefits, including defense from dangerous creatures. The villages are located in three different parts of the map, including the Red forest, the Whiterun, and Vardiland. The following paragraphs list their location and explain how they can help players in their quest to conquer Bolbjord.

Vardiland Village – This village is located on the southwest part of Fjordur. It is the first settlement you will come across in the Easy part of the game. This is also the location of Asgard’s first rune. This rune can be found next to the main road.

The village is still in good condition, despite being abandoned. It contains a Longhouse and several small houses. There are also barrels and crates that contain food and metal tools. There is also an orchard, which contains a few types of rare plants.

The village is located at 69 latitude and 5 longitude. It contains several small huts, and a large hut with a garden. Its architecture is similar to that of Skyrim. If you are a new player in the game, you may want to head to the nearby village, but it is not necessary to visit it right away.

ARK Fjordur is a free expansion map, but it was originally released as a player mod. This means that the content does not relate to the game’s original storyline. However, this map adds a Nordic flavor to the game. The map also contains resources and caves. This map is available for download for PC, Mac, Linux, and consoles.


When playing the ARK Fjordur game, players can explore the villages in the region. Villages are places that can protect the player from dangerous creatures that roam the area. They are also places where players can make use of buildings and structures. These villages are located in the Vardiland village, Red forest, and Whiterun.

In the ARK Fjordur area, players can find various types of minerals and resources. Those materials can be used to craft weapons and tools. Some of the resources found in these areas include metal, oil, obsidian, and crystal. Other materials, such as sulfur, can also be found in the area.

There are many unique creatures to encounter in the Fjordur area. These include the Andrewsarchus, Fenrir, and Desmodus. The Andrewsarchus is a mixture of a bear and wild boar. It also carries a machine gun on its back. And, in addition to being a great fighter, the Fjordhawk can carry objects and even get over obstacles.

The Balheimr island is located in the southeast part of the Fjordur map. On this island, giant bats nest. Getting the Sanguine Elixir from these bats will give players an extra 30% chance of taming them. Once tamed, these creatures can help players retrieve items that they have dropped after death.

Mines of Moria

One of the main locations in the Mines of Moria is the village of Ark Fjordur. This area contains several lava pools and has a long, narrow bridge. Once you’ve completed the bridge, you’ll find the lava columns and pools. These are a great way to obtain Condensed Gas and use it in your forge.

There are a few different spawn locations in the Ark Fjordur village. One of them is the Fjorkberg Stronghold, which has an epic bridge leading to it. From there, you can enter the Cave of Aberrant Biome, which contains crystals and organic polymers. This area is found at the intersection of the Autumn biome and Winter biome.

A second spawn point is the Bear Caverns, which is located at (09.9 84.3). While there, be sure to be careful to not get too close to the bear caverns, as they are inhabited by Titanboas and spiders. The game has some unique creature locations for players to visit and explore.

In addition to spawn areas, Ark Fjordur will also have unique creatures. Some of the most interesting are Desmodus, Fenrir, and the Fjordhawk. The latter can carry items from afar, and even jump over obstacles.


In Ark Fjordur, players can tame the Andrewsarchus. This quest is not easy and will require patience, skill, and luck. Once tamed, the Andrewsarchus will serve as a living turret. It can show players the darkest areas of the island.

The Andrewsarchus can be found in the Broken Meadows, and can be tamed by placing honey in front of it. It will eat the honey and follow your arrow commands. Once tamed, it will drop raw meat and hides. It also prefers the open terrain and greener pastures.

ARK: Survival Evolved has many different types of creatures. While most of them can be found in previous updates, five are unique to the Fjordur DLC. This guide will not only provide the coordinates of each unique creature, but will also provide detailed information on how to tame them. One of these creatures is the Andrewsarchus, a boar-like creature that can turn into a mini tank. In addition to this, Andrewsarchus can carry a powerful minigun on its back.

Before playing the game, players will need to find and bring the artifacts in caves. The map of Fjordur will contain several caves, and players can find them by using the coordinates of the fjordur island. The caves are located at (09.9) 84.3, and you will need to use a grapple hook and parkour to get in there.

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