Ark: How to Tame a Wyvern

If you are one of the many players who have longed to tame the mighty Wyvern in the game Ark, you’ve probably wondered how to do it. There are a couple of ways to tame a Wyvern. These include breeding, trapping, and using a dead wyvern.

Primal crystals

It is possible to tame a female wyvern once you reach level 65. To tame one, you must first collect a prime crystal from a Crystal Wyvern by knocking it over. Once the crystal hatches, you must place the fertilized eggs into an environment that is between 80 and 90 degrees. The temperature is also important as a Crystal Wyvern will chase you if you approach it.

If you have a Giant Crystal, you can tame a Crystal Wyvern easily. To tame a Crystal Wyver, you must get a Giant Crystal, located in the Northeast part of the map. Then, approach it, feed it with your crystal and keep attacking until it is asleep. Then, use trenq arrows to put it to sleep and harvest its crystal.

Primal Crystals last for 58 minutes. As you raise the level of your Crystal Wyvern, the amount of crystals it produces will increase. In addition, as the crystal Wyvern grows older, the amount of crystal it consumes decreases. This means that you should be careful to not tame a Crystal Wyvern that is too old.

To tame a Crystal Wyvern, you must be level 65 or higher. If you are below this level, you will not be able to feed it with raw meat. However, it is possible to force feed the crystal wyvern with Primal Crystals. The Crystal Wyvern needs a primal crystal in order to grow, so make sure you put the crystal in the last inventory slot.

The most common way to tame a wvern is to feed it with primal crystals. This is not a very difficult task, but you will need to make sure you feed the crystals regularly. This way, the Crystal Wyvern will be less likely to attack you and will not attack you unless provoked.


If you are interested in breeding wyverns, you will need to take certain steps. These animals are highly aggressive and can easily kill anything that gets close to them. However, it is possible to tame these wild creatures. These creatures can be incredibly powerful flying animals and are also excellent fighters. Each type of Wyvern has unique attacks and characteristics.

To breed wyverns, you will need a large enclosure and the ability to keep a close eye on them. You will need to keep their temperature between 80 and 90 degrees Celsius. Once fertilized, you must take care of them for a full nine hours. Once they reach juvenile status, they can begin feeding themselves from a trough.

Breeding wyverns is an extremely popular method of farming. These creatures are so popular that they are often hunted by players for their experience points and insane stats. Unfortunately, the only drawback is that they spawn in the same caves as other creatures. However, this doesn’t mean that breeding them is impossible.

In order to breed a wyvern, you need to obtain the egg of the same variation. This egg will have the name of the variant on it. You can then place the fertilized egg in an environment between eighty and ninety degrees. You will need to be very careful when breeding a Wyvern, as they will attack you if you try to approach them.

When breeding wyverns, you will also want to consider the species’ stats. The Crystal Wyvern, for example, can deal huge amounts of damage in a short amount of time. This makes it a good choice for PVP or PVE situations. Crystal Wyverns can also be used for meat farming, which is ideal if you are a meat farmer. Moreover, they can also gather resources from trees.


Trapping a wyvern can be tricky, but you can use the right trap to get a kill. Traps can range from small boxes to behemoth gates. The best way to trap a wyvern is to get it to land on something that can limit its upward moment. For example, if you want to trap a wyvern in a cave, you can place a box on the ceiling.

Traps must be set up in a place where the wyvern will be safe, but be aware that the animal may break out of the trap easily. It will require some time, so you should be patient. It is best to use traps that you can check often so that you can monitor its health and progress.

Wyverns are vulnerable to slashing and crushing attacks. They can change their aggression and die if another player tries to kill them, so be prepared for that possibility. If you’re able to range a wyvern properly, it’s easy to kill it. Having a good armor set will help you stay alive while trapping wyverns.

The eggs of a wyvern should be incubated in a safe place. A circle of torches around the wyvern’s cave will help you to find its eggs. After that, you need to take care of it until it grows up. Once it’s grown up, you can obtain wyvern milk. However, you should take care not to stay in the cave for too long as the wyvern can attack you, so be careful.

Using a dead wyvern

Taming a wyvern is a difficult but rewarding process. If you have enough stamina, you can use its breath weapon to do a lot of damage. However, you should always remember not to stay in the wyvern’s cave too long or it will kill you. This method will be more effective if you’re a flyer with high health and stamina.

The wyvern is a very powerful creature with 110 HP and 13 AC. The good news is that if you have a well-coordinated adventuring party, a wyvern can be easily killed. Its movement speed is over two times that of the average medium adventurer, and its range is around 20 feet. Its defenses are pretty weak, too, and can easily be out-manoeuvred by a well-coordinated adventuring group.

The wyvern has a two-attack Multiattack that can swap out with other attacks, making it difficult for your opponent to escape. This unique feature allows the wyvern to attack multiple targets at once. The multiattack is not a single attack, but it does deal double damage, and you can use the poisoned tip to hit multiple targets.

In order to successfully tame a wyvertn, you need to prepare it properly by gathering all the equipment and skills it needs. The wyvern needs a lot of fuel, so be sure to prepare everything for it in advance.

Wyverns come in nine different variants. Three of the more common types are Fire, Lightning, and Poison. Each of these variants has different characteristics. The Fire Wyvern, for instance, has a red tint and performs fire-based attacks. Lightning and Poison are the second and third most powerful types.

Using a wyvern to tame a wyvern

The process of taming a wyvern can be quite challenging if you are not experienced with wyverns. The first step is to feed your wyvern primal crystals. Those crystals will act as the wyvern’s milk substitute. Once you have provided them with these crystals, you should be able to feed them until they become fully grown.

If you are unable to use a grappling hook, you can use a jetpack to get close to the wyvern, and then tranquilize it with a dart. From there, you can approach the wyvern and click it for a primal crystal. You can also leave the crystal trapped for some time, until it spawns an alpha crystal.

While wyverns can be very dangerous, you can tame them if you know how to prepare them. The process of breeding a wyvern requires careful planning and preparation. A large enclosure will help keep them safe, and you will have to watch them very closely to keep them safe. Once they hatch, you must be patient enough to wait anywhere from 18 to 48 hours.

When using a wyvern to pvp, you should focus on the Lightning wyvern because it has the best flat damage. You can challenge titans and other bosses with this wyvern. You should also upgrade its stamina and damage if you plan to use it for PvP.

When using a wyvern to pvp, it’s important to find one that has the highest health and is in good condition. This way, you can easily train it for pvp. After that, you can use it whenever you want.

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