How to Tame Andrewsarchus in Ark: Fjordur

To tame an Andrewsarchus in Ark: Survival Evolved, the first step is to gather honey. This can be obtained from bee hives and honey nodes. You’ll need a pickaxe to harvest the honey. Harvesting the honey will consume some time and is best done in batches of 25 or 30.

Aberrant Megalania

To tame Andrewsarchus, you must feed the beast with honey. This will calm the beast down and make it willing to work for you. The next step is to saddle the beast. Andrewsarchus will become aggressive once it rages, so you must make sure you saddle him before he rages.

Andrewsarchus is a difficult creature to tame, but it is still possible. In order to tame this boar-like creature, you will need to obtain Giant Bee Honey. You can find it in the Fjordur area. When you approach the beast, you should throw some Giant Bee Honey onto the ground. The creature will then focus on the honey.

Taaming Andrewsarchus is a simple process, but patience is needed to successfully accomplish the feat. This furry beast is found on a large island located in the southwest area of the Fjord region, beneath a large blue floating runestone.

Andrewsarchus is a highly territorial creature, which means it can attack enemies if provoked. It is also incredibly aggressive when it defends its territory, and when it is hungry it will tear down anything in its path. The Andrewsarchus can also be used as an assault mount, if you know how to properly position it.

The Andrewsarchus spawns in several areas throughout the Ark Fjordur map, so make sure to tame one as soon as possible. Once tamed, it will be useful for you in the early and late game, as it has assault capabilities.

The Desmodus is another giant bat that can be very aggressive. It is tough to predict when it will attack you, so make sure you stock up on enough blood packs for this encounter. After taming him, you can use them to retrieve items lost while playing.


You can tame the Andrewsarchus by using honey and a Ghillie Armor, which will reduce the monster’s vision range by 50%. If you do not have honey, you can use the Crossbow as a grappling hook. This will prevent the beast from spotting you. Andrewsarchus can only be tamed on an island in the South-West region of the Fjord region.

Tames aren’t easy to obtain. Andrewsarchi have a sweet tooth, so you have to use honey to get them to stay calm. Once tamed, you can equip them with a gun turret to fire at enemies. This mount can be ridden, but it will require Advanced Rifle Bullets in order to operate.

You can tame Andrewsarchus using Giant Bee Honey. Andrewsarchus likes sweet things, so if you can get some nearby, you can throw some Giant Bee Honey on the ground. When he eats it, you’ll be able to ride him like a horse.

You can find Andrewsarchus near the Broken Meadows by throwing honey in front of it. If you are lucky, it will eat the honey and follow the arrow commands. Once it is tamed, you will be able to obtain raw meat and hide. Another animal you can tame is the Aberrant Megalania lizard, which spawns in the Hidden Grotto.

Andrewsarchus is one of the most difficult animals to tame in the game, but if you have patience, you can train it to eat honey. The process will take 33 minutes, so it’s worth the effort. Moreover, Andrewsarchus is extremely useful in the early and late game. In addition to its assault abilities, it can also fire a minigun to hit enemies.


The Andrewsarchus is a scavenger whippomorpha. It can be tamed, and will consume honey upon approach. It is a very aggressive creature, but can also be tamed using a minigun. It can be found in the Hidden Grotto on the Vannaland map.

Desmodus is an incredibly aggressive creature. It will attack players who are too close. It’s important to use blood packs when taming Desmodus. To tame it, you must have ten blood packs. Once it’s tamed, it will take the blood packs from your hotbar.

You can tame Andrewsarchus by throwing honey in front of it. It will attack if it hears a sound, so make sure to approach it silently. When you do, you can try jumping on its back. After taming the beast, it will evolve into a faster mount. The Andrewsarchus is the number two creature in Fjordur, so don’t underestimate it.

Desmodus is a unique creature that is very difficult to tame and will require a lot of patience to train. It will take some time, but the rewards will be worth it. This ferocious creature can be tamed for Andrewsarchus, and he’s an excellent pet for him to use.

Advance Rifle Bullets

Andrewsarchus is a large, battle-oriented horse with a saddle that can shoot enemies while moving. Because of its mobility, it’s an excellent choice for ground combat. In addition to its saddle, Andrewsarchus can also fire Advanced Rifle Bullets, which can be used in alternate fire to damage enemies. The damage caused by each bullet varies based on the quality of the saddle.

The first step in taming Andrewsarchus is to equip the Andrewsarchus saddle with a gun turret. This will allow the player to fire at enemies without having to worry about losing the horse. While this may seem difficult at first, you can tame this horse with advanced Rifle Bullets and a long range weapon.

Andrewsarchus is a larger cousin of Daedon. It’s kampforientated and has an assault ability that can be useful in early or late game. You can also use its minigun to shoot enemies. This makes it well worth the time to tame.

To tame Andrewsarchus, you’ll need advance Rifle bullets and patience. While the creature appears to be slow when foraging, it can become very fast when provoked. It can also carry a Turret on its back, transforming it into a mobile turret. To learn more about Andrewsarchus, read our guide!

The second way to tame Andrewsarchus is to collect Giant Bee Honey. Since Andrewsarchus has a sweet tooth, throw honey onto the ground near them. This will distract them from their attacks and allow them to focus on the Giant Bee Honey.

Locations of new creatures in ark fjordur

The Fjordur DLC adds a vast new map to ARK: Survival Evolved. The game’s obelisks are back, as well as three new creatures: Andrewsarchus, Desmodus, and the Fjordhawk. The new map is packed with tons of intricate structures and locations.

The new map is about three times bigger than Island. It’s also smaller than the Ragnarok map. It has a different ecosystem and features new dinosaur species. The new dinosaurs include the blood-hungry Desmodus, the fearsome Fenrir, and the keen-eyed Fjordhawk.

Players can also discover the Giga, a new Dino that spawns in the Asgard Realm. The Lightning Wyvern, on the other hand, spawns in a cave in Fjordur with a large ravine. The new creatures are incredibly powerful.

The Andrewsarchus can be tamed with honey. The creature will eat honey to keep alive and can be used to fetch items or targets. It is the number two creature in Fjordur, and it prefers dark places where it can hunt prey. It can be tamed to show players where to find dark places in the area.

Another new creature in Ark Fjordur is the Direwolf. The location for this creature is 90.0 – 78.0. The Balheimr Trench is located at the centre of the island. This creature can be tamed by killing creatures near its location, but it must be tamed to be useful in the wilderness.

You can also find a variety of fjords and forests. These areas will be full of new creatures. Desmodus and Tropeognathus will be flying around the area, as will Fjordhawks.

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