Augmented Reality in Classrooms

Augmented reality has been an integral part of human lives, especially after the introduction of the metaverse. Education has been a basic necessity that everyone has to be provided with without any terms or conditions. Education is something that helps our generation to grow, flourish, and advance the human race in all fields. While we discuss the education system, There are plenty of flaws including not having the rightful resources that are generally needed in a classroom, or not having the right environment for students. As the human race progresses towards a greater future, shouldn’t the classrooms be constantly upgraded too? Better materials would result in a better understanding for the students and the ability to focus on their studies.

Education from a student’s perspective should not always be bookish knowledge being shoved down their brains. The more practically we treat education the more the students will be able to grasp onto things that are being taught and be able to use them in real life whenever it may be necessary. In this article, we would be discussing a new sort of technology that is currently used a lot for entertainment purposes but if used in the correct form can be a great source of learning methodology that can be provided by the schools.

Augmented reality is fairly a new technology that is primarily being used for entertainment purposes and what we fail to realize is that, if such technology is used in classrooms as well, it can be very informative as well as help the students to able grasp things better than what just the books are being able to provide. In this article, we would be discussing how the concept of augmented reality can revolutionize the education system and make it more of a fun learning experience as well as experience things in a virtual world to be able to practice it for real-life problems.

Let’s further discuss in what way AR has been able to help the educational industry in more than one great way.

Ways Education has been improved through the introduction of AR

  • Interest: As w have discussed previously countless times, AR creates this whole interesting environment for learning and interacting. AR can help them create visual surroundings and initiate greater ideas as the horizon of education is pushed back by another 1000 miles.
  • Environment: As AR creates this innovative and interactive environment in the classroom premises, a more practical way of learning is appreciated rather than just having to read books and focus on bookish knowledge without any sort of experience.
  • Memory Retaining: As the previous two points include AR provides such an immersive experience that students experience and hence can remember more of the things they have been able to learn as this fascinates the students and helps them understand practically especially in the fields of science.
  • Cost Friendly: Since most of the phones and devices are usually equipped with the technology that is needed to support AR is a winning situation since students can make the most of it without having to buy additional equipment to be able to access it. Although the con of this would be mobile phone presence in the classroom which is to be prohibited and looked down upon, with institutional rules and a few disciplinary actions, institutions can make sure for it to be not misused.

With these points, higher educations are also to be encouraged to not shy away from technology as professional courses such as engineering and medical fields can be greatly advanced considering these interactive experiences can help each student understand the subjects and practically apply when it is required.

Medical fields in particular are very much in need of these. Practice surgeries as well as performing risky operations through various situations portrayed by AR can help surgeons to be able to perform these surgeries with less chance of failure. This can change the face of the medical field and help everyone be assured about the people they care for. Life-saving surgeries, especially the ones involving the heart and brain, can be practiced beforehand to increase the chances of the person surviving unfortunate events.

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Classrooms for the past decades although trying to get more creative and innovative ideas are not entirely taken care of enough to be able to help students reinvent and help them learn the way they deserve to learn. Hence, learning has been more of a hassle than something a creative student’s mind feeds upon. Newer forms of learning need to replace the old traditional ones which can happen if the education system takes enough effort. Hopefully, in the future, we have a great number of options available to learn from.