Career-Boosting Internships in Tokyo

Even if you don’t speak Japanese, an internship in Tokyo is a fantastic way of boosting your career. A welcoming and diverse city, Tokyo offers a wide range of opportunities for English speakers looking to develop their skills and career. An internship in your chosen sector will offer you a preview of just what it’s like to work in that industry, as well as providing opportunities that most of your peers won’t get.

Here are some points to consider when looking to secure a career-boosting internship in Tokyo.


If you’re looking to intern in Tokyo, you’ll have a range of options for residency. You might want to stay in a dorm for a few months, or you could decide to rent a condo. Some internship providers, for an additional fee, can sort out your accommodation for the duration of your time abroad. This can be a good hassle-free option if you’d like to put all your energy into your work and career. Public transport in Tokyo is fantastic, with plenty of English signage; so wherever you find yourself stationed in the city, you’ll be able to easily commute to your office. 

What’s Available?

Depending upon your major or career path, Tokyo offers a huge variety of internships. The world’s largest metropolis, every single industry is represented here. The city is a major financial hub, doing regular business with major markets like London and New York. Tech and manufacturing thrive here, too; hosting the likes of Toyota, Sony, and Mitsubishi, as well as regional headquarters for a huge number of firms, you’ll easily find the right company for you. The city also has a fledgling marketing scene. Whatever your interest, you’ll find a major international company or a fast-growing start-up to join.

Other Perks 

Of course, a good internship in Tokyo won’t just provide you with great work experience. A well-rounded program will offer you the chance to enrich your career and personal development in different ways. With some Tokyo internships, you’ll have the opportunity to speak publicly, assist with translation services (if you’ve got the language skills), and embark upon skills sessions and career workshops. 

As a bonus, living and working in the city will allow you to build up your own network of international industry contacts. This experience, and these contacts, can be invaluable in your future career. Not to mention that the unique cultural experience of living and working in the city will help you become a more well-rounded person and professional.

Final Words

An internship in Tokyo is sure to improve your career prospects. Internships are a great way of getting hands-on industry experience, allowing you to stand out from your competitors in a crowded job market. You’ll get the chance to see whether your sector is right for you, all while building up your skills and experience. And you’ll build your own network of contacts, who can be a source of advice and wisdom as you begin your career.

Beyond Academy offers a wide selection of internships in Tokyo. From engineering to real estate, they’ll work closely with you to find the right placement to accelerate your career. With skills workshops and tailored career guidance, you’ll emerge from your internship with all the tools to succeed. And who knows – you might fall in love with Tokyo and stay in the city as you begin your career. 

International work experience offers an unmatched career opportunity for the right young professional. If you’d like to find out more about Beyond Academy’s range of Tokyo internships, why not contact them and find out more?

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