Features of Twitter Flock have been spotted under testing

Similarly to Instagram’s Close Friends function, Twitter may soon add the Twitter Flock feature, which allows you to share updates with a small group of people who are also using the microblogging network.

Users of Twitter will be able to select up to 150 friends to include in Flock at a time, according to the information that has been revealed so far regarding the service.

The characteristic was discovered for the first time in July of last year. Twitter coined the term “Trusted Friends” to describe the feature, which was launched as a design idea for the site at the time. Since then, Alessandro Paluzzi, a smartphone developer, has been keeping tabs on the project’s progress. Recent sharings by Paluzzi have provided us with further insight into how the feature may operate.

According to The Verge, Paluzzi has provided further details on Twitter Flock and how it operates in a recent tweet. Following a series of screenshots released by the developer, it appears that Twitter Flock will function similarly to the Close Friends feature on Instagram. At the time of posting, Twitter users will be prompted to choose whether they want their tweet to be visible to the entire world or only to their Flock.

The Twitter Flock would be limited to a maximum of 150 connections, according to screenshots shown on the website. Following the posting of a tweet to their Flock, only the individuals who have been added to that Flock’s list will be able to view the tweet on their timelines and respond to it.

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Additionally, these tweets will include a notification noting that you are able to view this tweet because the author has added you to their Twitter Flock. When compared to the simple Green border that is used to signal posts posted to close friends on Instagram, this is a more detailed representation of the Flock function on the social media platform.

Users who choose to remove someone from their Flock list will have the option of doing so without telling the party concerned. According to Twitter, removing a contact from a Flock would not result in any form of the notification being sent to the individual, allowing the choice to be kept secret, just like the group.

Tweeting is currently concentrating on methods to allow its users to exchange information more discreetly, similar to other platforms that already offer this capability.

In an interview with The Verge, a Twitter representative refused to divulge any other details regarding the Flock feature at this time, however, she did clarify that the moniker ‘Twitter Flock’ is “simply a placeholder name.” As a result, we should expect to see the capability referred to by a new name whenever it is made available on the platform.

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