Facebook Messenger is getting End-to-End Encryption

Meta is bringing out opt-in end-to-end encryption for its flagship Messenger group chats and calls, which will be available in the coming weeks. However, it will take some time before default end-to-end encryption for the Facebook Messenger chat experience is made available to all users.

One of the most beneficial features is Messenger’s new screenshot notifications in end-to-end encrypted conversations, which will notify users if one of their messages from Messenger’s vanishing messages is captured and saved as a screenshot.

According to a statement issued late on Thursday by Timothy Buck, Product Manager at Messenger, “We’re introducing enhancements for Messenger’s opt-in end-to-end encrypted chats that will help improve your messaging experience.”

“As we continue to improve our services, it takes time and effort for our engineers to create secure and entertaining interactive features that are also technically challenging. This is the first in a series of product upgrades as we continue to improve our services. It is now more crucial than ever to discover wonderful methods to communicate with friends and family through private and secure communications, especially as cybercrime and hacking continue to grow in popularity.”

The following are the specific capabilities that will be available with the opt-in end-to-end encryption for Messenger group chats and calls when they become available:

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End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encrypted voice and video conversations in Messenger are now protected by end-to-end encryption, which was first tested last year and is now available to everyone. Encrypted group chats and calls are also available in Messenger. Users now have the option of connecting with their friends and family in a private and secure environment.

Notifications for screenshots

The company is launching a new notice when it detects that someone has screenshotted a message that is about to disappear.

“We believe it is critical for you to be able to communicate securely and to feel protected, therefore we want to notify you if someone attempts to screenshot your vanishing messages. While this is a feature that we already offer in Messenger’s vanish mode, we’re now sending out this notification over the coming few weeks to all vanishing messages in our end-to-end encrypted conversations, so stay tuned”, Buck went on to say more.

GIFs and Stickers feature

End-to-end encrypted conversations now include GIFs and Stickers, which allow users to express themselves more effectively and elevate their chat experience. GIFs and Stickers are available for a more feature-rich chat experience.

Message Reactions feature

With message responses, users will have the option of tapping and holding on to a message to bring up the reactions tray and selecting their preferred reaction. They can also “love” a message by double-tapping on it, similar to how they may do so on a Facebook status update.

Typing Indicators feature

Typing indicators, similar to those found on WhatsApp and Instagram, are now available to help users feel more present in their encrypted 1:1 and group chats. Typing indicators allow users to see when others are typing, which is similar to what we have seen on WhatsApp and Instagram.

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