The Downfall of Musk’s Twitter

The Downfall of Musk’s Twitter: Twitter has been a huge social media platform since its release in March 2006. Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams created the social media site. The first tweet that was ever put out was “just setting up my twttr” by Jack Dorsey. It was later released for the mass in July of the same year. By 2012 Twitter had over 100 million users across the globe and regular users used to tweet almost 3-4 times a day, making around 340 million tweets a day. Twitter has been a voice for many people, especially considering how it connected people.

Recently, Twitter was bought by the World’s Richest man a.k.a Elon Musk. Before this, he was considered the largest stakeholder in the company with a total of 9.1% of shares. The talk of Elon purchasing Twitter started in April of 2022. After a whole 6 months, Musk finally gained power in the social media app on October 27th, 2022. Ever since then, the company has not been on the incredible trajectory that people thought of. Musk also came out with the scheme of charging USD 8 per month for the verification symbol “The Blue Tick”, which previously was free of cost and helped people differentiate accounts from parody accounts. Addition of various restrictions out of which one was that verified users won’t be able to change their usernames started the snowball effect of the downfall.

Several opinions flooded in when the news of Elon possessing Twitter chimed in. Some were positive and others were, well not necessarily positive. Speaking of views, Musk’s entire goal was to give people the freedom of speech that they deserved. To be fair, it did happen but not necessarily in a good way. The use of racial slurs has been above and beyond on the app and the ever-flowing veins of hate that Twitter carries just got even worse. Let’s look at some of the adverse effects that have taken place ever since the SpaceX founder took over and initiated the downfall of Musk’s Twitter.

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Mass Firing

Since October, an insane amount of workers have been laid off. Some employees were engineers and machine learning, and people from content moderation, sales, marketing department as well as advertising departments. These were the people who knew about the extensive privacy policies of Twitter, the people who knew how everything worked in each of their respective departments. It has also been reported that Musk fired employees who criticized him in private slacks or publically. One worker reported that he didn’t even get any formal notice of termination, he learned about the termination publically as Musk tweeted in a now-deleted tweet “he’s fired”. He had been under some heat for instructing Elon on some issues and as he criticized the issue via a public tweet, he was fired.

Ever since the mass layoffs, it was reported that around 75% of the employees working under Twitter have resigned. Because of the disrespect that Twitter employees were facing for the site that they had worked hard for, they couldn’t tolerate it anymore and hence decided to respectfully leave rather than be disrespectfully fired in an ill-treating way. Today (18th November 2022), #GoodbyeTwitter is trending around the globe alongside #RIPTwitter and #TwitterOFF.

Twitter had created a huge community that was woven strongly by the users. It connected so many people and gave great lift-offs to some amazing people. The sub-communities of Twitter had also blown up insanely (which Musk has confirmed to cut ties with) which in turn helped Twitter blow up as well. From connecting fans to their idols, to connecting people to create revolutions. Twitter was one of the most prominent apps during the initial stages of the global pandemic. It helped people stay in touch and allowed people to reach out to the needy. Due to the unity created by Twitter the world has changed and evolved into a place where everyone has a right to show their expressions and emotions. It helped so many people fight for the right cause and protest against the injustice of society.

Now What? The downfall of Musk’s Twitter

Well, It is still improbable for Twitter to just die. Although the number of users will reduce, it may still survive through the pennies and may even rise again. But if the worst case scenario does happen, which is the ex-employees of Twitter reunite with each other to create a substitute for the social media site (of which rumours are already spreading), it wouldn’t be surprising if users tend to it rather than Twitter.

Has Musk officially destroyed the 16-year-long legacy of Twitter? Let us know your thoughts and opinions down below.

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