Valorant vs CSGO: Which one is the Better FPS Game?

Hot Topic! Two of the dominating FPS games around the globe right now, it’s Valorant vs CSGO. The fandoms have been throwing rocks at each other or shall I say shooting bullets at each other (sorry, for the pun). Both games have been performing outstandingly and are one of the most popular games in the gaming industry. Although CS:GO had been previously dominating the field, with the era of Valorant emerging, it has given tough competition to its rival. Let’s compare the two multiplayers’ various aspects and find out which game is better.

CSGO a.k.a Counter Strike Global Offensive

CS:GO was released in the year 2012 by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. It was released for OS X, Windows, Playstation 3, and XBOX 360 in August 2012 and was later released for LINUX in 2014. It was the fourth game of the ‘counter strike’ series. The concept of the game comprises two teams “Terrorists” and “Counter-Terrorists” battling against each other. The terrorists would have to plant the bomb, the counter-terrorists would have to defuse the planted bomb to win the round. If they fail to do so terrorists win. It has 7 maps as of now, 6 gun categories and 9 official game modes. It has pretty low graphic requirements and can easily run on low-end PCs with low graphics.

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Valorant: Playing Style

Valorant was released by Riot games on June 2nd, 2020. It was initially released under the codename Project A in October 2019 with limited access. Valorant was indeed inspired by Counter-Strike and other FPS shooters. The concept of Valorant is a little more diverse and varied than CS: GO. Valorant is comprised of different agents hailing from different parts of the world. Each agent is equipped with a set of abilities which include a signature or common ability and an ultimate ability. Similar to CS:GO Valorant has “Attackers” (Terrorists) and “Defenders” (Counter-Terrorists) and the bomb is called “The Spike”. Valorant is still an evolving game with new agents and maps introduced occasionally.

As of November 2022, Valorant has 4 agent categories, 20 agents and 8 game modes and a special mode as a new map is introduced. It officially has 8 maps but as of now “Split”, a map based in Tokyo has been removed from unranked and competitive queues. The main important aspect which makes Valorant special is its lore. Every agent in valorant has a background storyline. And this results in getting more of a rapport or personal touch with the agents and gamers.

CSGO: Playing Style

Most players of competitive shooters like CS:GO would love to hop right into a match of the game’s competitive mode, but doing so requires meeting a minor prerequisite. Having players reach Private Rank 2 before entering ranked matches ensures that even newcomers receive some play time to help them gain a feel for the game before jumping into more competitive matchups where every round counts. To get your feet wet, I recommend Deathmatch. In this game mode, players have the option of purchasing a specific weapon before the start of the game or receiving a random weapon upon spawn. What you learn here will help you determine which weapons are available and if they are a suitable fit for your play style.

The Retake mode is available if you find that you are the one taking the majority of the damage and not the enemy. To simulate the experience of retaking a bomb site in a professional match, this mode has been created. The utilisation of utility and the time constraints are similar to those you’ll see in later ranking matches.

Comparing Aspects

Let’s compare these two FPS games through 5 aspects; Graphical view, gaming experience, In-game varieties, the community, and game optimization updates.

Graphical View

CSGO’s graphical view, as of personal experience seems boring as it just consists of camouflaged stuff and map designs aren’t attractive. Valorant’s map designs and detail qualities seem much more finely detailed and polished.

Gaming Experience

Because of the distinctive graphic quality provided by Valorant, the gaming experience is thoroughly enhanced as it provides a better experience through its good graphic design, the fine details (although low-end devices take some time to render the details) help in improving the experience.

In-game Varieties

Although the skins in CS: GO are considered more valuable and are worth so much, quite frankly they are not very fascinating looking. Based on the diverse agent selection alone with unique abilities, the variety Valorant provides is way better than what CS:GO is providing. The skins in Valorant are so much better with an extensive finisher (basically an animation after the last player of the enemy team is killed with the respective skin)

The Community

As of my personal experience on both games, the first game I played of CS:GO, I had people screaming all sorts of obscene and inhumane stuff already. Whereas in Valorant people in the lower ELO (ranks) don’t even communicate and especially wholesome because people in the lower ranks don’t know how to play properly either, hence no one is toxic to one another.

How to Download

Download Valorant

  • Visit : Valorant’s official website.
  • Just hit the “Play Now” button at the top right corner of the page.
  • Use your existing Riot Games account information, or sign up for a new one
  • The Valorant installer may be downloaded from this page into the downloads section of your browser.
  • The game and Riot’s Vanguard anti-cheat will be downloaded simultaneously if you use the Valorant installer.
  • You may launch Valorant from the start menu or a shortcut on your desktop once the installation is complete.

Download CS:GO

  • You require a Steam application installed on your PC with a steam account. You can create a new steam account by clicking here.
  • After a successful installation of the steam app, Open it.
  • Search for “CSGO” or visit this page on your browser.
  • Click on “Play Game” to get the download started.
  • After a successful download, install the game by clicking on it. And you are all set to play CSGO.
  • You can access the game in the Library tab of the steam app. Also, a shortcut will automatically get created on the desktop.

Valorant vs CSGO: Conclusion

Both games are the champions of its timeline. CSGO was the base and Valorant is the advanced level or the new trend that is fascinating the gamers. According to various streamers, influencers and several online forums, both games have some pros and cons. In the end, it totally depends on you as a gamer, which game makes you comfortable to play. If you like reading this article, please comment down below. And suggest some awesome gaming-related topics so that I can work on them and deliver them with my best.

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