Keeping Kids Occupied: 6 Smart Gadgets for Leisure

Today we have so many opportunities to spend our free time online. Being adults we can watch YouTube, play at Bizzo Casino and win real money online, or chat with people around the world. But what if we have children? Here are 6 gadgets that will help develop skills and will appeal not only to kids and teens but also adults.

Smart Chess Square Off Grand Kingdom Set Limited Black Edition

Chess is an endless exercise for the mind that develops intelligence, concentration, critical thinking, strategic planning, and more. It’s hard to think of a more useful toy for kids.

Smart Chess is suitable for any age – the artificial intelligence can play at 20 different levels of difficulty. That is, your opponent is the board itself – under it there are magnets and a complex mechanism.

You can choose a live opponent – one of the 30 million users of the app. Synchronize chess with your phone and watch the pieces move around the board by themselves.

GoPro HERO10 Black Edition Action Camera (CHDHX-101-RW)

A child’s life is different from ours – it’s full of experiences and highlights. Kids see things that adults don’t. So let the child show everyday life through his eyes. The HERO10 Black Edition action camera is easy to use, completely waterproof and extremely durable.

From the resulting videos, then help your kids edit a real first-person movie. Watching it decades from now will be more fun than a Hollywood blockbuster.

LANDZO Quincy Drawing Robot

The perfect gadget for the little ones! The robot-artist will teach kids to draw, spell and count. Unlike lessons with an adult, learning-playing with the robot develops creativity and causes a surge of positive emotions in children.

The kit includes cards that the robot can draw step by step. Choose any of them and scan the QR code with the robot’s eye. 

After the robot finishes drawing the object, it will offer the child to write its name. The kid will have to select cards with the letters that make up the word and scan each one for Quincy. This way, the robot will know whether the child gave the right answer or not.

There are also four math cards with exciting stories in the set. As the robot draws images to the problems, it will tell many interesting facts and offer to solve some examples with the child.

Wacom Intuos M Bluetooth CTL-6100WLE-N Pistachio Graphic Tablet

If your children love drawing, help them develop the skills to turn the hobby into a future profession over time. This ergonomic graphics tablet with Bluetooth connection and handy stylus will take their work to the next level. Up to three unique creative apps can be downloaded for free.

Unistellar eVscope eQuinox Telescope

Discover for yourself and your child a new world – the cosmos. With the Unistellar eVscope eQuinox, you don’t need to be an astronomer and spend time setting up and searching for objects in the sky.

The telescope does everything for you – it takes less than a minute to calibrate and then the gadget is ready to go. Place it on a balcony or by a window and look through the eyepiece. It’ll instantly recognize objects in your field of view, compare them to a database of tens of millions of stars and then tell you what you see. Your telescope will recommend the most impressive objects of today, find them in seconds, and let you examine them.

Mehano Western Train with Landscape

Many dreamed of such a railroad in their childhood. We have already grown up, but your child has the opportunity to enjoy the game. Mehano Western Train is a quality miniature of the world of the Wild West. The young machinist will be able to lay out different routes, build new stations and come up with his own, unique landscape. The train will pass by city streets with houses, a suburb with cactus bushes, and pass through a tunnel through a mountain range.

Thanks to the remote controller, you can change the speed and direction of the train. This set will help your child develop imagination, fantasy, spatial thinking, and creativity, and will be a great gift even for an adult railroad enthusiast.

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