Reasons why you should choose Magento

Nowadays, there are a huge number of different online platforms for creating an online store website. Each is unique in its own way and different from the others. However, the Magento platform stands out in particular. 

Magento is an excellent solution for those who want to launch their online store with great comfort and ease. The platform is designed in such a way that allows users to use all sorts of features to make the store popular and in demand among buyers and customers. Magento is quite a popular platform and widely known all over the world. It is used both in the west and in the east.

What makes Magento so attractive

The implemented high-speed ajax search allows customers to find the necessary goods quickly and efficiently.

Integration with popular social networks allows you to make your business flexible, open and accessible. Interaction with users is carried out online. Likes and shares help spread the word about products at the speed of light or even faster.

Payment for goods takes place over a secure connection and the user is not afraid, since his data remains safe. 

Working with discounts, promotions and other marketing moves on Magento is implemented flawlessly. On the site, you can set up spectacular advertising so that users see all the promotions on the first page or in the sections that they are interested in.

Registration on the site and the ability to manage your own personal account is a pleasant privilege for buyers. They will return to the online store again and again to make new purchases. 

Basket consistency is an important factor for buyers who can be classified as doubters. Here they added the product to the cart, and then closed the site. The next day or a week later, they went back to the site, and the goods were in the basket. This will be a great motivation to complete the action and make a successful purchase.

There are a lot of scammers in the field of online commerce, so buyers are attentive to contact information. This includes not only the address, phone and e-mail, but also the full name of the store, legal documents, everything that will increase customer loyalty and trust. And, of course, on the contact page, there must be a feedback form and the possibility of online chat with a specialist. And if your buyer is answered longer than 5 seconds, he is likely to find the store where he will be given advice faster.

Proper product display involves more than just using a couple of photos and text to describe it. Magento implements the ability to scroll the product 360 degrees, see all the details and scale the image. Also in the product card there will be reviews, video, rating. Attracting regular customers with the help of high-quality and competent website content is the most correct and long-term strategy that will bring you results. We recommend this Magento development services.

Among the main advantages of Magento are: 

  • modern caching for the fastest loading; 
  • improved indexing function; 
  • support for multiple payment systems;  the possibility of making rather big purchases; 
  • multisite; 
  • universal templates suitable for mobile devices.

A few major disadvantages: 

  • difficult installation scheme, especially for beginners; 
  • the need for improvements if you want to have a truly individual and unique site; 
  • the need for high-quality hosting; 
  • there are not enough add-ons and extensions.

A Magento store needs powerful hosting – productive, always available and scalable if necessary. Hosting for Magento from Dinarys perfectly meets all requirements. Cooperation with this company will definitely provide maximum speed and reliability, and most importantly – high-quality service. Moreover, they guarantee instant installation of the desired CMS, advice and assistance.

If your company has more than one online store, Magento is the CMS for you. As a powerful e-commerce platform, it can run multiple online stores from a single dashboard. Gone are the days when you have to have a separate control panel for every company – the amount of time and energy you save by centralizing your commercial work is astronomical.

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