SEO Content Writing: 7 Tips To Optimize Success And Performance

Everyone that understands what SEO is all about, understands that at its very foundation lies high-quality content. Without content, SEO is nothing but a set of empty structures and frameworks that cannot deliver results on their own. 

Content is what fills the framework and convinces everyone from search engines to real human users that this site should be trusted, engaged with, and bought from. Content is what builds your online credibility, drives traffic to your platform, and helps you reach sales targets!

SEO content writing is not easy. In fact, it is such a highly specialized field of expertise that there is only a tiny minority of excellent writers that can rank articles with confidence. In other words, not everyone that says they are great at SEO content writing is telling the truth. 

In this article, we are going to list down seven tips that you can effectively implement for gaining online success and performance in SEO content writing. If you are a budding content writer, or an SEO professional looking to improve in this area, check out the article. 

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List of 7 SEO Content Writing Tips to Optimize Success and Performance

Set up your base with the right keywords- 

I often say that keywords are like breadcrumbs that allow search engines to find out what your content is all about. Without the right set of keywords, you are simply proceeding without a direction. Use the best keyword tools and mix them up in the form of focus keywords, long-tail keywords, phrases, and more. You can also use FAQs that carry questions for keywords. 

Understanding the points of the buyer’s journey- 

Various forms of content are meant to target consumers at different points of their journey. Some content needs to be directed when consumers are doing initial research, while others can help them get over the line in terms of making actual purchase decisions. Great SEO content writing is all about mentioning who is at which stage of their journey and targeting them. 

Evaluate the ranking articles for your topic- 

Every time you put your article title or topic in search, you will come across the first ten results which Google deems are the best fit. Understand which type of content is the best fit as a reference and find gaps in the same. It is simple, you need to outrank a ranking article by making yours more comprehensive, informative, and detailed in nature. 

Improve your content with data, facts, and figures- 

Referencing is important to create a content piece that covers all the bases. Remember that you have to build authority and you can only do the same by quoting data, facts, and figures. Content that convinces and converts is critical to SEO success. You can also include UGC in your writing to convince potential users about why others have bought something already. 

Focus on meta descriptions, title tags, and headers- 

You are writing for search engines. This is something that you never forget when creating high-quality SEO content. This means optimizations in terms of the meta description, title tags, and all the H1 and H2 tags need to be done. Ensure that the focus or long-tail keywords are present in the meta description and H1 or H2 tags. This informs search engines about the content. 

Focus on the content being an easy read for the audiences- 

Content that is simple, easy-to-understand, and clear in its intention performs best on search engines and rankings. This is why writing for digital platforms is different. You need to make sure that you are creating content that is easily understood and digested by the readers. If you use confusing sentence constructions or use difficult words, people will lose interest. 

Create reader-friendly formatting options for the content- 

Most of us know that the attention span on digital platforms is not that great. Long, unwieldy paragraphs are not the best option. Rather than go for ten line-long paragraphs, you need to break them up into not more than three lines. Short, crisp, and precise paragraphs can help you capture and sustain the attention of your readers and increase dwell time. 

The Bottom Line

SEO content writing is not easy. In fact, it is the single biggest difficult thing you will have to contend with when looking for digital performance. You might have heard how Bill Gates once termed content as king! If there are any more doubts or questions which you would like us to address on the topic, please let us know in the comments below. 

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