Chickasaw Quarter 2011

A silver proof Chickasaw quarter 2011 is worth at least $12. This coin has minimal contact marks and minor blemishes and it has a strong eye appeal. It also has some minor hairlines and slight imperfections. A PR 69DC coin has a value of $20 or more, depending on its condition. A lustery coin is desirable for collectors as it offers a stunning look. If you prefer a less expensive option, you can always opt for the 2011 S silver proof.

The design of the reverse of the 2011 Chickasaw Quarter is similar to that of the 1932 Washington Quarter. The original Washington Quarter featured the word “Liberty” and a date, but this changed with the introduction of State and Territorial Quarters. This year’s Chickasaw National Recreation Area quarter features the famous bridge that was constructed during the year of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. Geese are flying above, and the bridge is in the background.

A reversal of the Chickasaw Quarter features the inscriptions “Chikkasaw – Oklahoma – 2011” and “E Pluribus Unum.” The reverse also features the inscriptions “E Pluribus Unum” and “E Pluribus unum.” The mint plans to release the coins in rolls and bags. Bags will contain 100 circulation quality strikes, while two-roll sets contain forty circulation quality quarters from Denver and Philadelphia.

A final design of the 2011 Chickasaw Quarter was chosen by Treasury Secretary Timothy. The US Mint presented three candidates to Treasury Secretary Timothy, and he ultimately selected the winning design. This design represents the area where the Chickasaw National Recreation Area is located in Oklahoma. It is the fifth such quarter coin issued by the US Mint this year. If you want to buy one, be sure to order your coin early! And remember to collect all of them. They will make great collectibles and make excellent gifts.

A 2011 Chickasaw Oklahoma America the Beautiful National Park Quarter can be worth $0.62 to $1.13 in Uncirculated Mint Condition (MS+). The melt value of a coin can be found here. It can also be sold on Ebay for as little as a few dollars or as much as $10, depending on its condition. You should be aware that a rare 2011 Chickasaw quarter can be worth a few dollars and even $10, depending on its condition.

The fifth release of the America the Beautiful quarters program in 2011 is the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. The national park site was established on July 1, 1902, and is known for its freshwater. It is located 80 miles south of Oklahoma City in a partially forested area. In the past, the park was known as Sulphur Springs Reservation, but was renamed Platt National Park after the World War II era.

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