Where to Find a 2014 Penny With No Mint Mark

If you have ever been intrigued by the fact that the new 2014 Penny does not have a mint mark on it, you’ve probably wondered where you can find one. This article will explain where you can find a 2014 Penny with no mint mark. It will also give you information on the potential value of these coins. Listed below are some of the most popular coins with no mint mark. While they only have face value of $0.01, you may be able to find a premium on one in uncirculated condition.

The obverse of the coin features the bust of Abraham Lincoln designed by Victor David Brenner. Around the inscription is the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST. To the left of the bust is the word LIBERTY. On the reverse is the date of issue. If you’re lucky enough to find a 2014 Penny with no mint mark, you could find a coin worth $25-50. Another unusual error coin is the off-center coin. This type of coin is a rare one, and it’s likely missing some part of the design.

One 2014 Penny with no mint mark has already sold for more than $1,995! It is also possible to find a 2014 Lincoln penny with the “D” mint mark. This particular example was graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service as MS69RD and sold for $2,200 in 2018.

Another rare coin with no mint mark is the 1971 no-S Jefferson proof dime. The only known example of this type of coin is the proof set found in 1977. It has a value of between $15,000 and $2,100, and was minted in San Francisco. Despite the rarity, a 1971 no-S dime is even more valuable. Only two of these pieces are known to exist. The US Mint purposely left the mint mark off the die before shipping it to San Francisco, and as such, is a highly collectible coin.

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