Choosing the Perfect Plastic Laser Cutter

Today, every sector uses plastic in one way or another for manufacturing, packaging, transportation, and storing goods. This artificial material can be moulded in different ways to suit the purpose of each industry.

Sophisticated techniques and equipment have indubitably made this easier and quicker. There’s no scarcity of plastic laser cutters, but finding the one that ensures quality and suits your needs could be challenging.

The most common type of plastic laser cutting machine is the CO2 laser cutter. Though it requires a skilled operator to give it the specifications for carrying out the functions, it’s contactless and not complicated to operate. The specifications for cutting are put into the system that works as a guide to produce the desired results. The longwave infrared light emitted by the laser cutter falls on the surface of the plastic. Then, the tense heat it produces starts cutting the material as per the instructions on the system, giving out a smooth finish.

Some examples of its commercial applications include stationery supplies, bottles, tiffins, containers, toys, stands, holders, etc.

Factors to Consider for Purchasing Plastic Laser Cutters

Following are some of the crucial points to keep in mind when buying a laser cutter for plastic.

  • Size – First and foremost, you must consider the bed size of the machine depending on the dimensions and volume of plastic you want to modify. So for huge plastic materials in a significant quantity, a giant machine with a good capacity is required.
  • Cutting Precision – Intricate cuts and designs require not only apt commands from the operator but also a smart machine that understands those details and gives the expected outcome. For this, you should thoroughly check the specifications of the laser cutter before buying it.
  • Power Consumption – You cannot deny that bigger machines require more electricity to work. However, modern technology has developed efficient laser cutters that use comparatively less power. So, try going for the ones that are energy efficient.

How to Know Which Plastic Laser Cutter Fits You

The following list can help you learn about some of the best laser cutting machines for plastic and other similar materials, such as acrylic, mylar, and ABS plastic.

  • Nova 24 – This is a desktop machine with a 60Watt laser tube and a 600 x 400mm working size. It doesn’t have a stand or wheels like in the giant industrial machines and offers ease of portability.
  • Nova 35 – With an 80 Watt glass laser tube, it is suitable for cutting a more thick variety of plastic material. Its working size is 900 x 600mm, meaning it can take more volumes of work.
  • Nova 51 – Another great laser machine, it has a working capacity of 1300 x 900mm. It has a 100 Watt glass laser tube, and you can expect to work on a significant amount of materials flawlessly.
  •  Nova 63 – For engraving on more large surfaces, this model is a great choice. It comes with a 130 Watt glass laser tube and has an incredible working capacity of 1600 x 1000mm.

You can use these to cut other materials like wood, paper, rubber, fabric, and so forth. Besides, you can also purchase additional items like a laser head and an air compressor to suit your cutting needs.

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