Facebook Messenger to get screenshot detection feature and much more

Recently, Facebook Messenger received a slew of new features. End-to-end encryption, screenshot detection, message responses, and typing indications are just a few of the new features that Messenger has gained. The new functionalities are available for Messenger’s opt-in end-to-end encrypted chats, which were previously unavailable.

The screenshot detection function, as well as the message responses feature, are two features that WhatsApp users have been eagerly awaiting for quite some time. However, now that Facebook has made the functions available to Messenger, they may be made available to WhatsApp as well soon.

“Today, we’re releasing changes for Messenger’s opt-in end-to-end encrypted chats that will help improve your messaging experience,” Timothy Buck, Product Manager, Messenger, said in a blog post regarding the debut of new capabilities. Building secure and entertaining interactive features takes time, and it necessitates our engineers’ ability to innovate and overcome technological hurdles.

As a result, this is the first in a series of product upgrades as we continue to improve our services. Due to the increasing prevalence of cybercrime and hacking, it is more necessary than ever to discover excellent methods of connecting with friends and family through private and secure communications.”

End-to-end encryption is now available for Messenger conversations. Last year, Facebook began experimenting with end-to-end encryption for group conversations, which included phone and video calls. However, the end-to-end encryption capability is now available to anyone who wants it. Because of the end-to-end encryption, the conversation is secure and confidential. Aside from those who send and receive the messages, no one else, not even Facebook, has access to the conversations. WhatsApp, which is also owned by Meta, is another programme that boasts end-to-end encryption.

The Screenshot detection tool, which has been added to Messenger, is another intriguing addition to the programme. This is something that WhatsApp users have been clamouring for quite some time. Those who are using Messenger will now be alerted if a snapshot of their disappearing message is captured. In Messenger’s disappear mode, it provides the same functionality as it does above. As of right now, Facebook is giving out this warning over the next several weeks to users who have communications that have vanished in end-to-end encrypted chats.

Message Reactions, a feature that is currently being tested on WhatsApp, has also been included in Messenger. Through the usage of this feature, users will be able to press and hold on to a message to bring up the responses tray, from which they may select their preferred reaction. Users may also “react with love” a message by double-tapping it on the screen. This functionality is now present in iMessage, and WhatsApp may receive it soon.

Messenger users will be able to respond to individual messages in their end-to-end encrypted chats by either long-pressing the message or swiping to react as a result of this change. In a similar vein, the message can be sent to another recipient.

Another feature will be the addition of a verified badge to the end-to-end encrypted conversations. This will allow consumers to differentiate between real and bogus accounts. The new functionalities will be made available to Messenger users in the coming weeks.

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