WhatsApp head Will Cathcart had confirmed launching an app for iPad

WhatsApp fans have long wished for a native app for the iPad, and it now appears that they may receive one in the near future. When asked about a native iPad version, WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart acknowledged in an interview that the Meta-owned messaging service is finally exploring it.

Users have been clamouring for an iPad application for quite some time. On a number of occasions, tippers reported seeing remnants of WhatsApp running on an iPad app, but nothing substantial ever emerged of these leaks and claims. WhatsApp may have put a halt to the process in the past, but the company now appears more motivated than ever to release an iPad application.

“People have been clamouring for an iPad app for a long time,” WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart told The Verge in regards to the iPad application. “It’s something we’d want to do,” Cathcart said that the app will be accessible in the near future due to the fact that WhatsApp has already developed the underlying technology required for the app.

“We put a lot of effort into developing the technology to accommodate numerous devices. That feature is now available on our website and desktop applications. Using a multi-device configuration, I can turn off my phone or lose my network connection and still get messages on my laptop or desktop computer. That would be really beneficial for a tablet app, as it would allow you to use the software even if your phone is not connected. “So the basic technology is there,” Cathcart explained in his presentation.


Users will find it much easier to move between devices now that the multi-device capability is enabled, and you will not even require an active internet connection to do so. For example, WhatsApp has now made it easier for users to log in to both their computer and smartphone at the same time without the need for a phone with an active internet connection, as previously required.

Previously, it was not possible to log into your PC without having your phone in close proximity to the computer. Users may now log in to four devices with a single WhatsApp account if they have several gadgets.

WhatsApp was recently observed testing the ability to import conversations from Android to iOS devices, which is relevant to the previous point. Wabetainfo, a feature tracker for WhatsApp, has published screenshots showing the app’s Android to iOS migration functionality. For the time being, WhatsApp only allows iPhone users to transfer their chat history from iOS to Samsung and Google Pixel phones. In addition, it will make the functionality available for phones running Android 12.

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