Can Apple Metaverse be a thing in the future? Apple CEO speaks about it

A lot of people have been talking about the “metaverse,” which is a supposed thrill that doesn’t exist. One company from Cupertino isn’t in the gossips. Apple Metaverse! sounds weird right? On Thursday, we finally received a response from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who provided a measured endorsement.

Apple CEO on the trend

When asked about the metaverse during Apple’s most recent earnings call, Cook provided a typical response, claiming that “we’re a corporation in the business of invention” and that the firm had “over 14,000 augmented reality apps in the App Store.” Continuing, he stated that Apple sees “a great deal of opportunity” in the field and is “spending appropriately” (via Apple Insider).

None of this should come as a surprise given Apple’s long-standing enthusiasm for augmented reality, with CEO Tim Cook referring to himself as “AR fan number one.” The fact that Cook never used the word “Metaverse” in his statement is possibly the most significant aspect of it.

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Origin of Metaverse

Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson’s 1992 sci-fi classic, introduced the term “metaverse” to describe an alternate reality where the physical and digital worlds merge through the use of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). In this alternate reality, digital objects appear in physical spaces and the virtual world appears to be more realistic than the physical world. Following Facebook’s rebranding to Meta, the metaverse has recently been a popular topic among the technology elite.

As involved as Apple is in the technology—both hardware and software—that will allow what some have dubbed “the future of the internet,” the corporation has yet to abandon the trendy phrase “the future of the internet.” Apple, on the other hand, isn’t the type of firm to rush on fads and instead prefers to wait for things to grow. Aside from that, it enjoys creating its branding Apple Metaverse or AppleVerse and isn’t on the greatest of terms with Zuckerberg and his colleagues.

The metaverse is a fascinating topic to ponder in fiction or cinema, but the truth of this fantastical new world is that we are still several years away from achieving the objective of a metaverse in which everything happens in real-time and is durable across platforms, as described above. An Intel executive stated last year that the metaverse will require a 1,000-fold boost in processing efficiency compared to what is now available, and that “the whole plumbing of the internet will require significant improvements.”

Apple ready for the future

Apple is rumoured to be working on a virtual reality headgear that might be launched later this year, but don’t expect any mention about the “metaverse” when it does. Mark Gurman, a reputable Apple expert, claims that the company’s future augmented reality headgear will be used for brief activity periods rather than to get us any closer to the Oasis from Ready Player One.

According to Gurman’s Power On email, “here’s one term I’d be surprised to hear on stage when Apple debuts its headset: metaverse.” The concept of a wholly virtual world that people can escape to — as they do in Meta Platforms/vision Facebook’s of the future — has been informed to me rather plainly that it is off-limits from Apple.

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