WhatsApp beta for Android said to bring the fix

According to reports, WhatsApp beta for Android was crashing for customers on two different releases. According to another source, the Meta instant messaging programme has published a patch to address a flaw that caused it to crash earlier this week.

When starting the app or sending or receiving the media, users of WhatsApp reported receiving an unexpected error message. The updated build does not give any information about the cause of the crash, and it just contains the repair. There is, however, a tutorial that explains how users may restore to an older version of WhatsApp beta without losing their conversation data if they so want.

The WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo said that Meta’s instant messaging service was failing for certain beta users, according to a report from WABetaInfo. WhatsApp beta for Android versions and was affected by an unexplained fault that led them to crash when users attempted to access the app or transfer media files to other users.

A further report from WABetaInfo states that WhatsApp has issued an update to address the issue which was causing its beta testing app on Android to crash. The update is included in the WhatsApp beta for the Android release, which is available now. The report did not specify why the software crashed on some Android cellphones, but it did state that it was a bug.


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Before switching to a new beta release of WhatsApp, the WhatsApp features tracker suggests that users back up their data to a Google Drive account. Users can protect their data from being lost if a problem in the beta app causes it to crash, as long as they do not use the programme while it is running. One of the possible solutions — before the app receives a bug repair — is to roll back to an earlier version of the app.

WABetaInfo also includes a tutorial for customers who want to downgrade to a previous version without losing their data or having to reinstall a prior version of the software they use. According to the tutorial, while iOS users will be able to revert to a previous version of the app without having to reinstall it, Android users will still have to download the older version through a third-party app downloading website.

Recently WhatsApp introduced the ability to pause and resume voice messages. The ability to pause and resume a voice chat while it is being recorded was released in the last week of January to WhatsApp. Apple’s iOS is the only platform that can make use of this feature. It made it possible for users to listen to their voice messages before they send them to their contacts using WhatsApp’s “voice message preview.” Although no bugs or glitches were found in the beta version of the feature, the next Android release may improve it more.

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