How to Become YouTube Famous: 5 Basic Tips

Did you know that there are 1.86 billion YouTube users worldwide? The demand for content has led to 30,000 hours of video being uploaded every single hour.

Knowing how to become YouTube famous isn’t always easy with this much competition. However, it’s entirely possible to become famous on YouTube with so many users and so many different interests.

YouTube beginners can start building a fanbase by avoiding common mistakes and making simple adjustments. The following guide will offer YouTube tips and tricks for getting more views and growing your audience.

Develop Your Channel’s Theme

Decide what your niche will be and stick to it. You must have a target audience and consistently cover the same subject.

Make sure it’s something you know a lot about and something you have fun doing. Chances are there’s an audience waiting for you even if your topics are very specific to your own interests.

For example, if your channel’s focus is fitness you could also incorporate diet. However, it wouldn’t make sense for your videos to randomly cover politics or entertainment.

Staying specific is important even if your theme is something like unboxing or product reviews. If one week you review a video game and the next week you review a kitchen appliance you won’t keep your core audience engaged.

Decide how often you want to post videos and stick to that schedule. Make sure your audience knows when to expect new content. Uploads could be daily, weekly, or monthly but it’s important to stay consistent.

Understanding Algorithms

YouTube technology uses algorithms to suggest videos to users and provide relevant search results.

Research keywords for your channel’s niche and determine what your target audience would search for. There is a limit on how many tags you can use so consider using multi-word keywords.

The title of your video, tags, and annotations will all need to be relevant to your topic. They will help the YouTube software determine your category and recommend your videos to the proper audience.

Research your competition and similar channels. Study what keywords they use and try to incorporate them in your video. Also, try to add tags that they might have missed.

Enhance Your Videos and Channel

Using a YouTube custom thumbnail will help your video stand out in the search results. It’s the first thing a viewer will see and can help draw them to your content.

Choose a channel name that is clever and easy to remember. Try to make it short and relevant to your channel’s theme. Also, choose a thumbnail for your channel that your audience will recognize in their feed.

Create a channel description that is detailed and to the point. This will help anyone new to your channel know what to expect. Make sure it’s easy to read and break up any big paragraphs into small blocks of text.

Knowing How to Become YouTube Famous

Knowing how to become YouTube famous also has a lot to do with patience. Sure, you can have a video go viral but it most likely won’t happen overnight.

But your numbers are sure to steadily grow if you stick to a theme, pay attention to keywords, and consistently put out content on a set schedule. Your viewers will definitely start to subscribe and smash that like button!

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