How to Unlock More Maps in City of Heroes AE

If you’re looking to unlock more maps and more stories in City of Heroes AE, you’ve come to the right place. The AE reward system rewards players who complete longer stories and bigger maps. This system is unbalanced and discourages players from completing shorter missions. Thankfully, there are ways to bypass this system and unlock as many maps as you want, no matter how difficult they may be to complete. Just keep in mind that while this reward system may seem generous at first, you might find it too hard to stick with it long-term.

Creating a custom enemy group

There are two ways to create a custom enemy group in City of Heroes AE: manually and by using the editor. Manually creating a custom enemy group is the easiest method, but you may have trouble finding the enemies that you want to add to your group. In order to fix this problem, you can save the changes you’ve made to the architect window, exit the window, and then reenter it. After this, the problem should go away.

In the enemy group window, click on the tabs. You can use these tabs to filter enemies by their rank. Clicking on the Minion tab will bring up enemies of that rank. Likewise, clicking on the Lieutenant or Boss tab will give you enemies of that rank. Once you select an enemy, you can see its information and statistics in the preview window. Then, you can change their names and costumes to suit your group.

Another important tip to remember is to never abuse AE. Although it was intended to help players get more content, it can also be abused. You have the choice to use or abuse these tools. It will never hurt to try them out. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, create a backup mission first and see if it works before applying the AE to your group.

The Architect Entertainment Building in Atlas Park is an ideal location for AE farming. This location is surrounded by buildings owned by Architect Entertainment, a company which has a virtual training school for super-powered beings. From there, players can log in to the Mission Architect editor and write a custom mission. You can also create enemies, map objectives, and write dialogue for other players to follow to complete the mission. When you are done with the mission, you can upload your mission to the NCsoft Arc Server, which delivers content to all game servers.

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Creating a map in city of heroes

Creating a map in City of Heroes: Architect Edition is easy, but you need to know what you are doing first. This article covers the basics of creating maps and provides screenshots. You can use the same map you create for the game’s multiplayer mode. There are also custom missions you can make, though you can’t use them to create custom maps. You can create custom missions through the Architect Entertainment Building, which is located in Atlas Park.

Getting to the Abyssal Expedition boss

This guide will help you with the Abyssal Expedition event. You must have ten heroes and two teams to complete the quest. Signing up for honorable will make your quest easier and lower the number of team member drops. Signing up for honorable will also boost your team strength. Strong team members are essential in taking down Large Cities and defeating the final boss.

First, you need to complete the squire rank quests. Once you have completed the first level, you’ll be able to capture 5 more territories and add five more heroes to your team. Then you need to capture the first settlement on Tier 7. You should also be careful not to get hit by cursed tiles, as they debuff heroes not belonging to the faction.

Using a ranged class can also help you in the Abyssal Expedition. You’ll need at least one tamed hero with the DO skill. Cecilia’s main advantage is that she shuts down the best backline units. She’s also very brutal against the Celestial Twins, scoring immediate kills and letting you focus on the next enemy hero. Athalia can change the course of the battle. She’s also great for AE because of her opening swoop, and her ult can help you keep your time in the 30 seconds allotted for the encounter.

If you’re not too sure how to get to the Abyssal Expedition boss, you’ll need to know what the relics you’re using are. Using these relicswill give you an extra boost to your relic levels and make it easier to conquer stronger cities. As you level up your relics, your damage will rise and you’ll be able to use them more effectively for other quests. However, it’s important to log into the game throughout the day to keep your relics replenished.

Using the Architect Entertainment system

There is a way to unlock more maps in City of Heroes by using the Architect Entertainment system. You can do so by running a mission within Architect Entertainment’s facilities in the game. These facilities are spread throughout the game’s various zones and allow you to build custom characters and create content yourself. Here are some tips for using the Architect Entertainment system to unlock more maps in City of Heroes:

The Architect Edition of City of Heroes comes with the newest patch. Issue 14 brings several new features to the game. The game features a quick-start guide and installation DVD for PC. This edition also includes a free month of game play and access to the first two Super Booster packs. Using the Architect Entertainment system to unlock more maps in City of Heroes will let you unlock more of the game’s maps faster than ever before.

Using the Architect Entertainment system to unlock a new map is a great way to improve your game. The games’ UI is also very intuitive and easy to use. There are a number of features available, and it’s up to you to decide which ones you want to use. The Architect Entertainment system allows you to choose from among the different maps and customize them according to your preferences.

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