How to Build a Trade Depot in State of Decay 2

So you’ve finally decided to start building a Trade Depot in State of Decay 2, but how do you go about doing it? First of all, you’ll need to make sure you have an appointed Trade Leader, Large Outdoor Slot, and a Network Trader, before you can begin. Once you’ve done these steps, you’ll have the necessary resources and equipment to start trading. Next, you’ll want to build your first Enclave.

Building a trade depot

Building a Trade Depot is an important Leader Project in State of Decay 2. It earns you 200 Influence a day and costs a single Material. Using the Trade Depot, you can call in Wandering Traders, which will bring you 100 influence every 30 minutes and replenish your inventory. They can also be called in to sell items such as food, medicines, and parts. The more you build a Trade Depot, the more influence you’ll earn!

The Trade Depot is one of the best Large Facilities in State of Decay 2. It will automatically generate the influence needed to buy the products you want to sell. Besides, you can call in a Parts Trader and a Network Trader to complete tasks. Having a Trade Depot is also a boon for the future of your Community, as you can call them in at any time and use their products.


There are a variety of resources available for building your Trade Depot. These resources are obtained by building facilities that each have a specific specialty. You must have a large area to build each of these facilities. Among these facilities are an armory, which crafts ammunition, a sniper tower, and a field hospital. The armory also allows you to build a radio, but you will need at least one armed survivor to use it. In addition, this facility gives you free influence over time.

The game is focused on building a community and taking care of the community’s needs. In addition to food, shelter, and ammunition, players will need to recruit a herculean leader to guide the community to prosperity. By pressing the view button, you can view the map and community pages. You can learn more about the traits of your community members by viewing their descriptions. This will make it easier to decide which people to recruit and who to leave.

Once you have the resources needed for building a trade depot, you can upgrade the facility by purchasing more Influence. Upgrades can provide you with new tools and abilities for your characters. These facilities also require time to build, which means that they’re not cheap to manage. You’ll need a significant amount of Influence and resources to manage them properly. Fortunately, the game lets you track your progress in real time, so you won’t have to wait for the resources to appear.


When you build a Trade Depot, you can call a Parts Trader or a Network Trader to help you out. It is important to have the Trade Leader appointed and a Large Outdoor Slot. To upgrade your Trade Depot, you must obtain an Armory or a Forge, which require crafting knowledge. You can also upgrade the Double Bunk Room or the Parking Spot, which require electricity knowledge.

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In State of Decomposition 2, one of the best things you can do is build a Trade Depot. This building is useful for two main reasons. First, it allows you to call in other traders, such as Parts Traders and Network Traders. Second, it helps you earn influence from the local population. Third, you can call in traders from other enclaves to trade with yours. This way, you can earn a lot of influence quickly.

In order to get the best benefit from the trade depot, you should also learn to survey the high places in the game. The high places can help you gain valuable resources, while containers will cause a commotion when you search them. Standing can also help you promote recruits. Once you have a good surveying and recruitment system down, you can upgrade your trade depot by building enclaves.

You can promote community members to be leaders and raise their Standing. You can also become the community leader by completing quests, turning in rucksacks, and killing Zombie Hordes and Freak zombies. It is important to promote community leaders, as they have an immense impact on future playthroughs. Be careful though, as you can demote a community leader by speaking with them in your base. Once you get a demoted, your Standing will be reduced to zero.


Building a Trade Depot is an important skill in State of Decay 2. It allows you to summon traders and gain more influence. You need a large outdoor construction spot for the Trade Depot, and it requires that you have chosen a trader leader. You must also have increased your character rank to civilian, hero, or recruit to be able to build a Trade Depot. Here are some tips to help you achieve this goal.

The first step in building a Leader is to understand the objectives of the game. State of Decay 2 has four different types of Leaders. Each Leader focuses on different aspects of the game. For example, you can build a Trader Leader to protect your trade depot, or a Warlord Leader to fight the other Enclaves. You will then need to select the right leader to take care of your Enclave.

After choosing the right leader, you will need to build a trade depot to receive more influence. The trade depot itself can increase your influence. It also summons traders, but this requires a large base. The trade depot unlocks the Farm and Still, which increase your food and drug production by four units per level. In addition, a Still makes it easy to stockpile parts. You can also create Legacy Boons to earn 4000 influence each time you complete an iteration.

While building a trade depot, remember that the goal of the game is community building. The survival of your survivors depends on your ability to provide the basic needs of your community. These include food, water, and ammunition. To build a community, however, you will need a herculean leader. Fortunately, you can select leaders based on their skills and role in your community. To choose a leader, you can use the view button on your controller. A community page will appear, displaying the traits of the community.

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