Competing for Excellence: A Comparative Analysis of SAP EnableNow Competitors

For countless organizations worldwide, SAP software has been a trusted partner in this journey, with over 200 million users relying on its diverse suite of solutions. As a result, efficient SAP software training has become paramount, leading to the emergence of digital adoption platforms (DAPs) like SAP EnableNow. However, choosing the right DAP requires careful consideration, and that’s where a comparative analysis of SAP EnableNow competitors becomes invaluable.

Understanding SAP EnableNow

SAP EnableNow is a powerful platform designed to assist organizations in creating, managing, and sharing training content for their internal business systems. Its primary goal is to enhance employee productivity, boost user adoption of new products and features, expedite time-to-value, and elevate the success rates of training programs. While SAP EnableNow can extend its support to non-SAP software, it is primarily marketed as a training solution for SAP’s suite of enterprise applications.

The platform boasts four core features:

  1. Desktop Assistant: The Desktop Assistant specializes in creating guided, interactive tours for desktop applications. It offers a self-help panel where documents, courses, and tutorials are organized to provide in-the-moment training. To ensure users follow training steps sequentially, it implements blocking rules.
  • Web Assistant: The Web Assistant is designed to offer in-app performance support for web-based applications, such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP SuccessFactors. It provides contextual tips and guidance within these environments and grants access to a library containing custom content, pre-built SAP training materials, and existing training resources.
  • Content Producer: In the role of a Content Producer, you can author new training content using the web-based editor. This includes creating various content types, such as slide decks with subtitles for text-to-speech audio, mobile-friendly guides, and knowledge-retention quizzes.
  • Content Manager: The Content Manager’s primary function is to centralize content libraries and access usage reports specifically for the Desktop Assistant. Additionally, it integrates SAP EnableNow with SAP Solution Manager to provide additional training content, thus creating a searchable index of objects from all projects.

SAP EnableNow primarily caters to desktop and web applications, with the potential for extension to mobile devices in specific cases. Even when guided learning isn’t inherently available in mobile apps, employees can access content on mobile devices by scanning QR codes placed within SAP applications.

SAP EnableNow Competitors: A Comparative Analysis

Now, let’s turn our attention to five prominent SAP EnableNow competitors, examining their features, advantages, and unique offerings:

Whatfix: The Pinnacle of Flexibility

Whatfix stands out as a leading Digital Adoption Platform alternative to SAP EnableNow, offering both cloud and on-premises deployment options. Whatfix is more than just a SAP EnableNow competitor; it excels in accelerating user adoption of SAP software while also extending its prowess to customer-facing product onboarding.

Whatfix differentiates itself from SAP EnableNow in several key ways:

  • Simpler Content Creation: Whatfix offers a no-code solution, eliminating the need for technical expertise. In contrast, SAP EnableNow requires coding for certain customizations.
  • Versatile Deployment: Whatfix provides a secure on-premises deployment option, catering to companies with stringent IT requirements.
  • Open Ecosystem: With over 50 APIs for integration, Whatfix seamlessly works with various applications, including Salesforce and ServiceNow.
  • Exceptional Support: Whatfix consistently ranks as a customer service leader, providing peace of mind for users of all company sizes.

WalkMe: A Comprehensive Solution

WalkMe offers a wide range of features, particularly suitable for employee training and customer-facing product adoption. SAP EnableNow, on the other hand, is primarily focused on employee training. WalkMe excels in content creation, making it a valuable tool for technical users.

AppLearn: Streamlined and User-Friendly

AppLearn aligns with SAP EnableNow in terms of enterprise-level internal employee training. While SAP EnableNow offers extensive content creation flexibility and skills development beyond initial onboarding, AppLearn boasts user-friendliness and support for employee training across any application or software.

Userlane: A Holistic Approach

Similar to Whatfix and WalkMe, Userlane goes beyond SAP EnableNow’s employee training capabilities to support customer-facing product onboarding. While SAP EnableNow offers SCORM compliance and flexibility for various training methods, Userlane’s ease of use and flexible pricing make it attractive to smaller organizations.

Apty: Inclusive and Insightful

Apty and SAP EnableNow share similarities in providing in-app guidance and employee training features. However, Apty also caters to customer onboarding. Apty stands out for its user-friendliness, flexibility, and robust analytics features.

A Comparative Overview

To help you visualize the differences between these competitors, here’s a table comparing key features:

Product FeaturesSAP EnableNowWhatfixAptyAppLearn
Create guided product tours  
Create guided walk-throughs
User segmentation for walk-throughs
Task lists and knowledge-base resources  
LMS integration  
Pop-up tips for data entry/new features
Links in pop-ups to internal/external content 
Mobile application training and insights 
Web application training and insights
Support for major platforms (e.g., Salesforce, Workday)
Incorporate existing training content   
Multiple content formats   
Content translation across languages   
In-app messaging  
In-app surveys 
Usage analytics
Support query tracking   
End-user experience recommendations 
Self-hosted option 

The Ultimate SAP EnableNow Alternative

While SAP EnableNow might present itself as the quintessential digital adoption solution for SAP software, several SAP EnableNow competitors are equally adept at driving SAP adoption while simultaneously enhancing employee training for various software applications.

Whatfix emerges as the top SAP EnableNow alternative, excelling in both SAP software training and broader training scenarios due to its comprehensive and flexible feature set. It empowers organizations to achieve remarkable results in user adoption and productivity.

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