10 Ways On How To Create Infographics That People Will Share

Creating infographics that people will share is not as difficult as one might think. In fact, with a little creativity and some simple steps, almost anyone can create an infographic that will be popular online. Here are 10 ways to make sure your infographic is one that people will want to see and share.

1. Use a Large, Catchy Online Icon.

The first thing you will want to do when creating your infographic is to include a large icon that people can click on and share. This means it should be at least 350 pixels wide by 350 pixels tall, but not larger than 550 pixels by 550 pixels. It should also grab the viewer’s attention and be something that is easily identifiable with your infographic.

2. Select a Good Title.

Next, you will want to consider what title to use for your infographic. You can either come up with an original one or go with one of several popular choices such as “10 Things You Need To Know” or “The Ultimate Guide”. Either way, make sure that the title is short and catchy.

3. Use Vibrant Colors.

The colors you use for your infographic can either make it stand out from those of others or drag it down into the abyss. For those looking to create an infographic people will share, vibrant colors are a key. Use as many colors as you like, but make sure that each one is bright and noticeable.

4. Give it a Memorable Tagline.

For those who want their infographics to become popular and go viral, then having a memorable tagline can help achieve that goal. You should consider giving your infographic a tagline that will either tell the viewer what your infographic will deliver or a catchy phrase that entices them to keep reading.

5. Include Pictures and Visuals.

It has been shown time and time again that people like visuals as opposed to words alone. That is why you want to make sure that the infographics you create contain both pictures and text in an easy-to-read manner. Make sure that there are plenty of visuals so that the viewers will have something to look at while they read your infographic.

6. Include a Reference Page.

If you want people to share your infographic, then you need to include a reference page where they can learn more about you and view your other creations. This is especially important if you want them to view more infographics that you have created. You should structure the reference page like an about section online with your name, website address, and other relevant information.

7. Link it to Educational Content.

As mentioned earlier, one of the things people look for when visiting websites is educational content. To make sure that your infographic gets shared, then you should include a link to a relevant educational piece that provides more information. You can then use the infographic as a way to entice viewers to learn more about the topic you are discussing.

8. Link it to Other Infographics.

Another way you can increase traffic to your website from social media sites is by linking the infographic you created to other infographics that people may want to look at. This will put all of your infographics in front of those who would be interested in seeing them and increase your overall viewership.

9. Write a Unique Description.

With a unique description that uses keywords that relate to your infographic, you can help the search engines find it and increase its viewership even more. You should avoid simply copying and pasting from the text within your infographic as this will result in duplicate content being indexed by the search engines.

10. Place It on High-Quality Sites.

Lastly, you want to place your infographic on high-quality websites that offer good exposure for those who create infographics. These include sites like Visual.ly, Pinterest, and Instagram. Just remember that the more quality websites you get your infographic published on, the better its chances of going viral will be.

One great way to make the best infographics is to use Venngage — a free infographic maker that offers a wide range of infographic templates for everyone. Here are some cool infographic examples from their website.

Create Infographics
Create Infographics
create infographic

If you take these tips into consideration when creating an infographic, then you will be able to increase viewership and help your infographics go viral. And if you’re having a hard time making one from scratch, then consider using Venngage infographics. Are ready to make your own layout? Click here!

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