csgo dust2 map introduction

csgo dust2 is one of the most classic and popular maps in FPS history, dust2 is also loved by csgo players all over the world, so do you know why dust2 is so classic and popular? This is not unrelated to the map design of dust2. Let’s introduce the map design features of csgo dust2 and understand why dust2 can become a classic. To learn more about csgo dust2, please visit gametopn.com .

dust2 map features

Regular figure-of-eight structure

Csgo dust2 is a square design, which is also a typical figure-of-eight structure. A long, A site, B site, and T-spawn are all four areas that are square-shaped and very broad. A main road from the point to the target point, the intersection of the middle cross and the outer frame forms a choke point. This regular geometric map is designed to design a zone B that is easy to defend and difficult to attack, and a zone A that is easy to attack and difficult to defend. And a middle road that can be attacked and defended freely, allowing players to remember the composition of the dust2 map faster.

dust2 map has many long and straight channels so that players can easily obtain map information. Both the offensive and defensive parties can obtain information through the middle road from the T spawn point to the end before entering the choke point in the early game, so as to formulate team strategies. In addition, the long straight channel connecting the AB point and the CT birth point can also allow the CT side to quickly turn the point after obtaining the map information, so that the player can quickly become familiar with the map.

Wide open design

The csgo dust2 map is wide , open and simple in structure. There are a large number of long and straight passages and eight-character structure designs in dust2 . There are almost no redundant forks on the map. The open design also increases the proportion of passages in the player’s field of vision, and the collection of information is more It is convenient, and at the same time, it also increases the chance of confrontation for players. It is very suitable for gun battles, where risks and challenges coexist.

On the map of Dust2, there is no absolutely safe position. Every point can be observed from at least two directions. This is designed to allow players to actively seek confrontation instead of hiding in a safe area to avoid fighting. The spacious road design also reduces the role of props, so that it is difficult for the T-side lineup to safely enter the target point by relying on tactics and props. When entering the target point, there are more points that need to be cleaned, and the risk of exposing oneself and the difficulty of returning to defense have become greater. At this time, it mainly depends on the player’s marksmanship.

Dust2 ‘s wide open design concentrates the factors that affect the outcome of the game on the player’s technology . You have no choice but to fight against the enemy . Although it limits the game tactics , it is very competitive and confrontational , and it also requires the least dependence. Teammates, you can choose to go it alone and show your skills in this expansive dust2 map.

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The above is the whole content of the map design of  csgo dust2. Although dust2 is very popular with players, the gameplay of this map is relatively poor. The open structure leads players to have excellent marksmanship and technology if they want to win. It is not very dependent and is not suitable for novice players. It is the home ground for high-level players and professional players. They can perfectly show their marksmanship skills in the game. If you want to know more about csgo dust2, please visit gametopn.com, they will continue to bring you the most professional csgo strategy props articles, come and have a look!

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