Cycle Frontier Quests – Rattler Head Location

The cycle frontier’s quests are a great place to start if you want to get a head start on your game. You can get early quests for Rattlers, Striders, Hardened Bone Plates, and Rattler Skin. Read on to learn more about these resources.


The Rattlers head is one of the legendary drops that you can get from killing a Rattler. The Rattler’s head is corrosive and should be handled carefully. In order to avoid the corrosive drool, you should use gloves when handling this item.

The Rattlers usually appear in groups of two to three. They will respond to screeching noises made by Striders. The Rattlers have bright yellow eyes that have dichoptic vision. They also have strange mandibles and plates on their necks.

In the early game, you will encounter Rattlers and other jungle mobs. Those monsters can be challenging and deadly. It is a good idea to consult a guide before tackling any of these monsters. You will also need a pair of binoculars to spot them from a distance.

In the cycle frontier, you can kill various monsters to get their heads. The Strider is one of the most common predators. If you kill a Strider, you’ll get two important drops: a Spinal Base and a Strider Head. The Strider head is the rarest drop in the game, but it is also the most useful. It is worth noting that you can sell these items on the open market for 6812 Krypto Marks. This is more than enough to cover the cost of your trip back to the surface.

A gameplan in The Cycle is extremely helpful when exploring the maps and completing quests. It can focus your attention, make you more efficient, and reduce your risk of death. Hopefully, with practice, these points will become second nature to you.


The first and most effective weapon against Striders is your knife. A well-placed knife will kill Striders with one hit and leave no trace. Using a knife is also silent, so you can kill them without having to worry about making a sound. This can be useful when your objective is to keep a location secret from the Striders.

Another useful resource is the Strider Head. This unique resource can be sold for an attractive price, especially early in the game. In addition, it’s used for crafting unusual helmets. You should always keep an eye out for these Striders, though – they tend to come in packs. Their speed and range means that they can exhaust your ammunition very quickly.

You can also sell the Strider heads to gain faction reputation or K-marks. These are the rarest drops, but they’re useful for beginners. Early on, you can sell these items for 6812 Krypto Marks, enough to travel to the surface.

Striders are pack animals, and you can find them in groups of two or four in High Danger areas. Typically, they’ll attack on sight, but they’ll also attack if you make a noise. You can also kill Striders with your knife, which will kill them in one hit.

In addition to killing Striders, you can also kill Red Blast Ticks. These can be found in the same swamp area as Rattlers. Both species have a 50% chance of dropping Rattler Skins, but they have a smaller chance of dropping Strider Flesh. You can use Rattlers as an alternative to Striders if you want to increase the chance of getting the Spinal Bases.

Hardened Bone Plates

As a player, you can craft a number of items using Hardened Bone Plates. These are rare materials used for printing weapons, shields, and helmets. Because of their rarity, they are extremely valuable. You can use them to make a rattler head shield and a helmet.

This weapon can be sold for 3,417 K-Marks. The Interactive Screen is another item that you can craft using bones. These items can be used to upgrade your gear and get more powerful weapons. However, they require 34 Faction Points to buy. In order to make it, you must have at least five Rattler Skins and five Hardened Bone Plates.

Rattler Skin

There are a few places where you can find Rattler Skins. They can be dropped by Rattlers, which are spider-like mobs with yellow eyes. The easiest place to find Rattler skins is in a dead Rattler. You can also find them around a waterfall.

Rattlers are typically found in groups of two or three. They will respond to screeching noises made by Striders, but will be sleepy most of the time. Their features are quite unique and they have glowing yellow eyes. They also have strange looking mandibles and plates on their neck.

Rattlers have a higher HP and can be harmed by a powerful melee attack or a spitting acid. You can also avoid being attacked by them by moving away from them. However, if you get caught in this situation, you’ll be vulnerable to any Creatures nearby.

Safe Pocket

The safe pocket is where you can put all your precious loot. It’s also where you can store all your consumables and ammo. This way, you don’t have to worry about encumbrance while healing. The safe pocket also can hold Old Currency tokens, which are weightless and can be put into it regardless of their size.

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