Demand for Sustainability and Sustainable Technology

Sustainability is becoming a necessity as we step ahead day by day. As we may know, the world has been experiencing an insane amount of global warming and high carbon emissions. Pollution and various other harmful fumes levels are at an all-time high and the main cause might just be humans trying to evolve and develop better technology to make our lives easier every single day. And while our lives are getting more convenient with every progressing day, what we don’t realize is that we have been destroying the one planet that we have to live on.

But on the brighter side, humans have realized and acknowledged the issues that we are creating and indeed trying to find solutions for our greater good every day. What we are in dire need of is a sustainable technology development source. Fossil fuels have been used up to an extent they are at an all-time peak value. In this article, we would be discussing some of the ways how we can contribute to a greener planet by making changes that start here. If we start taking small steps now, we would be able to contribute to a greater future. So without further ado, here are some ways you can utilize green and sustainable technology.

What good does sustainable technology do?

Sustainable technology prevents all sorts of negative impacts on the environment and if it is not able to eliminate every single negative impact it does reduce a drastic amount of impacts in comparison to their alternatives and yet it has to perform just as well as the other sources of energy.

Sustainable Building Technology and Ideas

Planning for everything needed during the build as well as using pieces of machinery or equipment that either are powered through electricity or various other energy bases that don’t include any substance that would by any means harm our environment. If solar energy is being used, it would be the best as it is the most conventional form of energy and the greenest source of energy.

Agricultural technology

Processes such as Agrivoltaic fields (fields which are equipped with solar photovoltaic panels on the same land as agriculture to make the most use out of the land), smart irrigation, moisture sensors, drones, and various other equipment can not only be sustainable forms of energy but would also help us save other resources such as water as we would be having sensors to detect and track the irrigation systems and would not be wasting water if the soil would not need it.

Water Filtering

While we have plenty of water in the oceans and other water bodies, we only have 3% of fresh water available in the heart, and even out of that 3% only 1% of the water is fit for drinking and the rest of the water is trapped in various forms such as groundwater, glacier, and ice caps. If we can crack a code and somehow find a way to desalinate water and make it fit for drinking, the human race would be receiving a miraculous change.

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Solar Everything

A solar panel is a trend that is being used in many places and there are panels almost everywhere and can be seen very commonly nowadays. As we discussed earlier solar energy has to be the most easily available energy source which can be used for a variety of things and is also as resourceful and powerful as other energy sources.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is harvested from wind farms that have huge windmills or wind turbines that convert wind energy into electrical energy which can further be used as humans desire to use it. The only con would be that these wouldn’t be very practical in city areas where we wouldn’t have adequate space to be putting up such huge equipment.

And although even the solutions that we have discussed above are not entirely clear as to make all this equipment we require other materials that are often processed with processes that aren’t necessarily ethical to be using.


These are some of the sources or ways that we can use to refrain from using harmful sources of energy. And while we may think that we are making greater choices, there is something to remember and that is, we can’t undo the damage that has been done to our planet, we are trying to reduce the effects of it and try to make the situations under control for the future generations of humans and other living species. Let’s try to save the one planet that we have got to live on and keep it habitable for as long as we can.