Did You Know You Can Build Friendships on the Vingo App?

What is better than working out at home, on your treadmill, or your bike? Getting online and making new friends while you are at it, of course.

With this amazing app called Vingo, you can meet people from across the world and befriend them, all the while you are exercising at the comfort of your home. Here’s something about the app that will get you started.

The App Creates a Virtual World with Digital Avatars

Technology has taken over exercise for good. With the growth of indoor exercises after the pandemic, there are a lot of people who seek a productive way to exercise regularly, without getting bored of their routines.

To combat boredom and to add fun to your exercises, you have a great choice now. The Vingo app will help you with your fitness training by turning your treadmill/exercise-bike time into an online adventure. It creates a virtual world around you, so you may feel the outdoors while you exercise indoors. You won’t have to step outside your home, but you will explore the whole world with the app.

On the app, you can also create your own digital image, as an avatar. This avatar will represent you on your online trips in the app. You can customise it by using your selfie and add colours to it too.

Another exciting feature of the app is, you can also take a canine companion with you. So, you can take a dog of your choice with you on your cycling or running trips.

Explore New Places & Meet New People

All you need to do is install the app on your smart device and connect it with your treadmill/indoor bike. Once connected, you can place the screen before your equipment and select from the list of virtual locations preloaded in the app.

Everyday, thousands of people log into the app to exercise. They can be from the other side of the world or even your next-door neighbours. You can meet them all in the app and explore new places with them.

Connect with People through Social Media

What’s more fun is that the app comes with social media connectivity too. You can link all your social media accounts with the app and post your daily, weekly and monthly progress in them. You can flaunt your fit body to your friends and show them how to exercise and stay healthy.

Workout Together or Explore Maps Together

You can choose anywhere from Hawaii to the Mediterranean in this virtual cycling app, and you will reach the spot in a jiffy. You will share the locations with a lot of people and they will see you through your avatars. So, make sure you dress up your avatar well, just like you do in real life. Also, you can talk to the other members in real-time through the voice chat feature on the app.

The app has it all, we would say. For you can exercise with it, socialise with it, and even show off your fit-bod to everyone with it.

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