Dignitas Unveils Rocket League Vehicle Decals In Partnership With Digital Bank QNTMPAY

In-game representation of Dignitas and QNTMPAY is now possible thanks to the release of official competitive away kit vehicle decals. LOS ANGELES, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The City of Los Angeles will host the 2022 Winter Olympics. Dignitas, the esports division of New Meta Entertainment, Inc. (NME), has announced the launch of their official 2022 ‘Away Kit’ vehicle decals in the popular video game Rocket League, in partnership with challenger banking brand QNTMPAY. Dignitas is a division of New Meta Entertainment, Inc. (NME). Buy Rocket League Items from aoeah.com, constant delivery and safe deal! This is one of the first-ever company-branded vehicles to be made available in Rocket League’s Esports Shop, which will be open for business on January 25th, 2022, throughout the world.

With Dignitas’ Rocket League team, QNTMPAY will serve as the exclusive ‘Away Kit’ vehicle partner. The QNTMPAY logo will appear in-game on Dignitas’ Dominus, Fennec, and Octane ‘Away Kit’ car models, among others. The brands will work together to bring this expanded partnership to life through exclusive merchandise collaborations, in-game experiences, and live broadcast content, among other things.

QNTMPAY is based on the concept of providing better experiences

QNTMPAY is a natural fit into the world of Rocket League because it is a brand that is built around rewarding the community, achieving high speeds, and making critical saves. QNTMPAY is based on the concept of providing better experiences for consumers who want more, with the goal of assisting young people in unlocking and realizing their financial potential. With the Dignitas ‘Away Kit’ vehicle, QNTMPAY is taking the next step in its mission to establish meaningful relationships with the global esports community by breaking into the Rocket League scene.


The QNTMPAY team is made up of leaders and followers. We push ourselves to the limit on a daily basis and expect nothing less from our partners and athletes, says Adam Pearsall, Founder, and CEO of QNTMPAY. Dignitas continues to set the bar high and has a strong presence in the design of our liveries.

Most of the best racing cars in traditional sports proudly display the logos of their most generous sponsors; similarly, we’re taking the same approach with QNTMPAY and the Away Kit vehicle decal, according to Michael Prindiville, CEO of NME and Dignitas. The Dignitas organization is the only one that cares more about the Rocket League community than Dignitas itself, and Adam and the team at QNTMPAY understand how unique this community is, as well as our aspirations to provide it with next-level value. We have some really exciting things coming up in 2022, and this decal should be considered the first step in the process of bringing them to you.

As the most successful organization in the history of the Rocket League, Dignitas has won six Championships in the last three years, making them the most successful team in the world. Most recently, the team’s star-studded roster, which included Joris Joreuz Robben, Jack Wilshere, and others according to reports, Jack Benton and Kyle Scrub Killa Robertsen finished in the Top 8 of the world at the RLCS Winter Major, adding to their first-place finishes at the BMW Open and Monaco Gaming Show earlier this year. Joreuz, who is 16 years old, has quickly gained recognition as one of the most talented young players on the professional soccer scene. In addition to becoming known as the fastest-growing influencer in the RLCS, former World Champion Scrub Killa, also 18 years old, has gained notoriety as he continues to tell the story of his renaissance back to the top of his sport.

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