Gekko: Everything you need to know about the new agent

Gekko is Valorant’s newest agent. Valorant is a 5v5 FPS game that was released in the year 2020 by Riot Games. Since then it has its vast hits and has been a people-pleaser. Valorant’s concept works around a set of agents each having various abilities which they showcase and hence win the round. The first team that secures 13 rounds wins the game. Valorant has been keen to add as many new features to make the game as interesting as it can be and is constantly updating and uploading patch notes to maintain a smooth gaming experience as well as a great game in general.

The game’s recent addition was our 21st agent hailing from Los Angeles, California with Latin descents Gekko. Gekko has been classified as an initiator and helps the enemy gather information to enter the site as well as helps secure the round by not letting the enemies defuse the spike. In this article, we would be discussing the various mechanics and abilities of the newly added agent.

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Valorant has 4 agent categories so far, duelist, initiator, controller, and sentinel. Gekko is an initiator with his ability kit once being able to use properly can gain tons of information for the team and be able to secure the round easily. Similar to other agents, Gekko also has four abilities of which’s mechanics will be discussed further down the article.

Let’s further discuss each ability and how to use it.


Gekko’s signature ability is a small blue monster that shows sludge kind of balls to blind enemies’ screens. It kinda functions as a Reyna blind where you could throw it high up in the air or to the ground and it locates enemies and blinds them. This can help you locate enemies’ locations as well as blind enemies and clear corners. It’s a super useful ability considering how resourceful it is while entering a site. You can also re-equip it and you can re-use it after a cooldown.


The Q ability of Gekko is a little creature that sort of works like a Raze’s boom-bot but rather than imposing damage it concussed the enemies upon contact. So it again helps little crooks and crannies to enter the site. However, a very useful usage of the wingman can be planting or defusing the spike. Yes, it may indeed seem like a broken ability as it can practically be an extra teammate just to plant the spike meanwhile all 5 teammates can defend the plant as well as get picks. This is especially helpful in clutch situations where you have to defuse yet fight enemies. Wingman is also re-equipable like Dizzy and can be used after a cooldown.


Gekko’s C ability Molotov can practically kill the enemy at once if within central range. Regardless of the range and different damage radii, this molly has to be an absolute destruction for the enemies especially if they are camping corners as either they have to swing out or they die in that corner. Hence, it’s a great post-plant play or to help clear out angles where you can’t swing out.


Gekko’s ultimate or X ability can be considered as an amalgamation between Skye’s trailblazer and Killjoy’s lockdown. Gekko’s ultimate ability is a seek and detain ability. You can control it and if multiple enemies are together it does have a splash range that can detain multiple enemies at once. This is great for easy entry to the site as well as post-plant as it almost guarantees free kills. The most broken part about Gekko’s ult is that even this is re-equipable and reused for a second time but just in the same round. You would not be able to use thrash even if you retract it in the next round.


With that, we wrap up a general guide on to using Valorant’s new agent. According to my personal views, this agent is revolutionary and most probably would be nerfed considering how good and strong this agent is. Except for the mosh-pit every single ability can be used more than once and the little creatures are also needless to say very adorable. With how good it is it has great potential to be used in VCT once players can warm up to his play style. Gekko was a great addition to entertain the players attracted to his strong abilities and how fun it is to play with him.

Let us know your thoughts about Gekko below and hope this article helped you learn about Gekko