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If you are looking for Fair the Amazing Devil tour dates, this article will give you the necessary information. You will find their tour schedule, music, and merchandise information. You will also learn about how to get your hands on their CDs. The band’s music is a mix of hard rock and alternative, so you can’t go wrong with it. If you are planning to go to one of their concerts, you will want to get your tickets early.

Fair the amazing devil tour dates

A fantastic band, the Amazing Devil’s latest album is a psychedelic journey. The songs are soaring and mesmeric, with a spoken word section reminiscent of a classic nursery rhyme. Songs such as Wild Blue Yonder, Marbles, and Fair are stripped back but still full of lush harmonies and anthemic drums. Vocalist Madeleine Hyland is as enchanted as ever, and the album’s centrepiece, Farewell Wanderlust, is a haunting ode to the wild.

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Fair the amazing devil music

This alt-folk group has been touring for years and is best known for its debut album, Love Run. The Amazing Devil’s powerful songs have a mythical quality with dramatic harmonies and driving drums. Their storytelling is also fantastic. They sing with a wide range of vocal ranges, creating a magical atmosphere as they perform. The band has a knack for storytelling and their songs are well worth listening toFair the amazing devil merchandise

If you love folk music, The Amazing Devil might be right up your alley. This London-based folk-rock group is led by Joey Batey and Madeleine Hyland. Both of these actors have starred in movies and shows, including Knightfall and Netflix’s The Witcher. They also come from a jazz background, having worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company. They are a great choice for a night at the fair, and their new album, Love Run, is no exception.

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