Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Codes

A dishwasher can show an error code when it encounters various problems. You can resolve the error by either cancelling a cycle or turning off the power. If the error still persists, troubleshooting will be required. It is possible that the vent assembly is not receiving a signal from the main control board during the drying cycle. If the vent assembly is the problem, then you will need to replace it. You can try to fix the problem by adding more rinse aid to the dispenser.

Alternatively, you can try to replace the mainboard. The plastic foam float is located at the bottom of the housing and is responsible for activating the switch when the pan is full. But sometimes, this sensor is dirty and sticks on the wall, resulting in an error code. To clean it, use a nylon brush and lens solution. Once this is done, replace the front panel of the dishwasher. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you can call a professional service.

An error code that displays on the Frigidaire dishwasher’s display indicates a malfunction. Normally, it is indicated by letters with codes that describe the nature of the problem. An HO code indicates that the water temperature is too low. This means that the appliance needs time to generate an ideal temperature. Similarly, an LO code means that the rinse aid is too low. In the latter case, you need to add more rinse aid to the water. Finally, PF stands for power failure. This problem can be caused by a power failure, circuit breaker, or power outage.

Another error code that you might come across in a Frigidaire dishwasher is ER. It indicates that the turbidity sensor is not working correctly. This may require replacement. In any case, the code can provide you with helpful information and instructions. A locked door will prevent the cycle from starting, so make sure to unlock it before starting the next cycle. Otherwise, you may find that the door remains locked for a brief moment after the cycle is complete.

Some other errors will display on the frigidaire dishwasher’s control panel. This error code indicates a malfunction or a leak. Before calling a technician, you should check the manual for the error code. If you cannot find the manual for your model, you can look up the error code on the Internet. You will need to know the serial model number of the dishwasher to get an error code key. A manual for your Frigidaire dishwasher will also contain a list of faults and how to repair them.

An error code indicating a malfunction in the vent can also be a signal that something is wrong with the ventilation system. If your vent is open, make sure to contact your local appliance repair service center to determine the cause of the error. If you do not notice this error code after checking the manual, you may need to replace the mainboard. If this is not possible, you can try the reset method. If this does not work, try turning off power for 5 minutes and then switching it on.

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