What is Pay-per-click advertising? What are the great pros and cons of it?

Advertising has been the most efficient and well possibly the only way to let people know about the products and services that your organization may be offering. It has been well known about the impact that advertising has on the marketing industry. Advertising can simply be defined as a way of persuading the attention of the mass public towards your products and services. There are several factors that advertising depends on and how to make a successful advertising campaign. Relevant things are trending stuff that is what’s needed for your company to be able to grab your attention of yourself.

We have seen a lot of advertisements over the years, especially after being introduced to mass media and other circulating mediums such as the great internet. We have seen all sorts of advertisements, from images to videos to text formats and whatnot. One of the most common ones we have seen is on several websites in the form of visual media of any sort. Now you may or may not have known this and that is, if you advertise something on your website and even if the customer clicks on the advertisement you might get paid for it. Yep! that’s true.

Pay-per-click ads

So basically pay-per-click ads are a form of advertising that gets you paid each time a consumer clicks the ad on your website by the advertising company. These are essentially buying visits to their products’ websites and are a form of driving traffic to their websites through advertising on some of the most famous websites out there. Some various organizations and businesses do this and is one of the most efficient ways of advertising and to be able to reach a greater audience with having these wide ranges of websites to be able to advertise on.

Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of pay-per-click advertisements.


Now as we discussed there are great ways of profiting from these which, are discussed below.

  • Reach: As discussed previously how these ads are showcased on a bunch of websites and these websites are accessed by so many surfers daily. Let’s take a rough example of 100 people visiting the site, out of them at least 75 people would have paid attention to the advertisements, and out of those 75 at least 25 would be reaching out to those website being curious about the product and might get it. So the probability isn’t that bad but the reach is insane.
  • Cost: For certain industries, PPC is way cheaper than most other forms of advertising, especially huge billboards, PPC has about the same reach as those huge billboards but for way cheaper than that. You wouldn’t have to pay much until people start clicking on those ads which can be great as you might have your advertisement and people might search your organization later on and still attract customers.


While PPC helps you reach a wide audience immediately and can help you revive some business, some cons need to be discussed before you start thinking about utilizing PPC.

  • Cost: So the pro can also be a con considering that PPC can also be a long-term paying option. If your products and services are not doing that good and you’re advertising on such high-end websites, there might be a little bit of a problem. It all comes down to your quality of service and product, perhaps, if the ROI (return on investment) on PPC is not that great, you should stop the advertisement for a while and start enhancing your products and then advertising.
  • Visibility: PPC is going to be there until you pay a certain amount regardless, the small fee just continues to get deducted every time unless you stop the campaign altogether. Once you stop paying, the ad would disappear. This can be taken positively as some advertisements might just make a one-time impact but it has to be that eye-catching.

These might seem to contradict each other but it is more subjective to each business as different businesses have different budgets, requirements, and targets. Hence, analyzing your business strategies and data is very important while deciding upon the mode of advertisement and how it functions.

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Just like that, it might be a great way to advertise through these small forms of ads but what is necessary is that one needs to understand how to market is functioning right now and what would be the best move for your business. Hopefully, this article was helpful, and remember each decision requires a good amount of thought and care.